White Noise
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Item: White Noise
Type: Type IV Memetic Hazard
Sentient: No
Potential/Current Hazards Potentially lethal, albeit not directly
Required Wear/Weaponry All personnel involved in Project White Noise are to be inoculated against said item. Any personnel exhibiting symptoms of exposure are to be quarantined immediately, to prevent spreading.
Location: Armed Base-17
Reported Anomaly: Item induces drowsiness, eventually, and effectively, destroys cognitive functions. Spreads via video/photography surveillance. Illustrations are not exempt. Once affected, individuals begin to exhibit symptoms


Item is to be deployed by Sigma Operative+. Exposure to item during deployment is to be met with immediate termination via destruction of the cranial cavity. Object is only to be used in scenarios that require mass eradication of a large area.


Item is a strain of a memetic hazard captured during a raid on Foundation site ███. Affected individuals describe item as being a gentle, buzzing noise, increasing in volume and frequency as the infection period moves on. Object described as a blank, pale stone, ten inches in diameter. Affected individuals are, essentially, driven into a vegetive state in approximately a month after initial contact. Currently being used as a form of memetic warfare.

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