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Item Arsenal
The Uncanny Archive The Where.
The Ghost of Base Six The What.
Panic Button The How.
Sticky Stick The why here.
Story Arsenal
Mr. Holder, the last VIP The since When.
Meta-Stem The What happened.
See no evil See no Evil
Teeth Teeth Teeth Teeth Teeth
Teeth Teeth Teeth

An Experiment (in organization)

Meta This supposed to become a list of All Pages Created by Me (No Promises about completion). First I wanted to make it its own page, but when you have an old hub lying around who needs a new one?

A List of major Sandboxes

Welcome to the Box Early Works
The Knights of Progress Second attempt of a major story arc and one that sticks with me to this day. When someone hears the name Meta this is the first thing that comes to mind.
Meta Reboot After the Fail of the Knights of Progress I changed direction. In hindsight, introducing parallel universes and multiple versions of Meta might not have been the objectively right curse of action. But i am glad that i did it.
afterwar A continuation of the Knights of Progress arc, as well as a revisit to the early works of Welcome to the Box
Hat Move I unleashed a series of Items, this Hub was originally intended to connect them. While this happened I tried to establish myself as a leader for the Insurgency. The Items failed. I lost 2 of my threads I had used to communicate with members all over the world. There was a cleanup and Cyto and Steffie took up what I had grasped for.
Hat Runner I moved forward. Following the Hat move I concentrated on smaller projects that did not interlocked as tightly as the parts of the Hat Move. A lot of Self-reflection in here.
Phase Change I tried to go back to the Knights of Progress while branching out into the "unlikely to ever be posted elsewhere" category.
Slow Burn Started work on the Jerry series. Intended as an implementation of Characters removed from my previous works but still suffering from the events of the afterwar stories.
Meta-Net Meta-Net is some kind of transit. I don't know what changed but i thing it is a missing piece in a chain of logic i cant quite grasp now.
Web-Man Web-Man was written before the Fail of the Jerry series. I dabbled in Ideas that ended in short tales rather than Items.
Tick2Nick When my tabview in Webman became to full i changed the page, but the attitude is still very much the same.
Argon Chaos Attempts to find a direction after 2 of my pieces survived. More experimentation, and a lot of unfinished ideas, since the ideas got to big.
Synthetic-Natur Pushed over the edge by a project that would have overloaded Argon Chaos.
Multicolor Monocrom After OODC i changed location. Might have slowed down a little.
attraction-repulsion The cliff, the drop, the spikes.
defect-test My return. Time to pick back up.
Time Walker I picked back up in my older sandboxes and found myself in a loop. To get out, i walked, to the past, present and future, which was, coincidentally, a loop, again.
Usage Siege There is something ether hopeful or hopeless about the prospect of the world almost ending. So starts 2020.

A List of smaller pages tying into one or more of the major Sandboxes

The Ghost of Base 6 Meta in his first item iteration. The File itself is written from the perspective of the Insurgency following specific events in Knights of Progress
Meta Stem A collection of works designed to hit the mayor story beets of what i would consider the main Meta Story-line. (Double from the thing that is already in the hat)
The Wintergreen Protocol An Interpretation of the CI's theme to better fit an anti-elitist theme i was going for.
GOI Zeta A version of the Events of Knights of Progress as a Group of Interest file, in the at the time current style of such files, on the Zeta Cell of the Insurgency.
Blast-Fishing Written as a way to let the main Insurgency use more tactics usually mistaken as Incompetence.
Hot-Fix This is just here because of the excellent post of Cyto. It still cracks me up.
Corrosion Tale Miniseries About Hermes and Mercury. The Pluto of this List. (Is it a major Sandbox? I don't know.)
Creaking Door Not sure what went through my head when I wrote this. Look behind the Syntax magic to read something that might once was a fairy-tale version of the events that happened in the Insurgency.
Dr Casimir van Welter One of my earliest standalone pieces. The Piece itself is about the cost of Immortality.
Game of Burden This piece files in story gab in the Knights of Progress. It is the Story how Dr. Edward Deny went to hell to get back into Base Six after his departure from the Insurgency.
Ghost Hill The Story was originally intended to show Meta rebuilding the World after the war of 16 in the Knights of Progress. The Story never got to the large human production and indoctrination facilities.
Implications An attempt to explain the Intention behind Key pieces of the Hat Move.
IT Station Alpha Not originally my Idea, but i claim at least 50% Credit for it, as i wrote half of it.
Lost Coffee An Item/Story concept i came up with in IRC as an example for something.
Meta Author A page i once hope to put online as my Author page. It also explains my role in the Insurgency following the war of 16.
Middle Management A tale about POI-5's role in the early days of the Insurgency. (For more info on POI-5 see "Mr. Holder, The last VIP" in the hat)
Off Site IRC conversations
Resonance Guitar Interpretation of a deleted item named disharmonious guitar.
Silence A Halloween special based in the Forgotten war of 50.
Star Ninja A story about robot servants that first appeared in a story about POI-5.
Sugar Cube Ties into Corrosion Tale.
The day a Meta died Origin story of Mr. Holder as well as an exposition for the Hat move and how it tied into the creation of Base 6.
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