Uncanny Archive
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Item: Uncanny archive
Size: indeterminate
Type: library
Living: indeterminate No
Sentient: indeterminate Yes
Potential/Current Hazards loss of personnel, creation of items, events or persons
Required Wear/Weaponry alarm capable device
Location: Base Six, Level 9
Reported Anomaly: extra dimensional, mind altering


The possibilities are endless.
This thing can do anything. Everything could happen. If we get this thing under controller we all can leave our jobs behind. Chaos, luxury, the end of all of our enemies, it's all real, it's all in our basement.
Limitless amounts of anomalies, worlds beyond our understanding.
We all could be gods. But is it real? We should not trust an anomaly that has taken over the laboratory for mind effecting liquids.

Personnel who survive initial contact with the anomaly need to leave its radius of effect (the 9th underground Level of Base Six) within 10 minutes. For this purpose expeditions into the anomaly must be equipped with alarm capable devices. No media has to enter the anomaly.


The anomaly is a space behind a black plain door located in the 9th underground Level of Base Six.
Beyond the door lies a sort of library or archive. Persons entering the anomaly have suffered strokes, heard attacks or spontaneous decay.
It has been noted that the reality beyond the door is highly unstable in random time intervals.

Persons entering the anomaly are erased from known history within minutes. Certain individuals managed to survive initial contact with the inside of the anomaly and recovered documents from the item's area of effect.
Information from these documents became integrated into known history within minutes.
Most recovered documents were written in the style of Insurgency documents.

It has been observed that creatures resembling Insurgency Members are roaming the inside of the anomaly, seemingly unaware of the door. These entity resemble mostly the persons able to survive initial contact with the archive.
The only entity able to enter and leave the anomaly without any problems is the entity known as “The Ghost of Base Six”. Considering the timing these two anomalies appeared it is believed that ether the entity produced the door or triggered it to manifest.
It's him, the panic button was his entrench. If this thing existed within the archive, now it will enter the world with its own effect.The end off the Insurgency would become real. He is Meta Wonderrat, the Sandbox Knight.
Update 1: Following the insertion and creation of a text document that described a medicine to counteract the deadly effects of the archive a task-force for expeditions into the anomaly were established.
Expeditions into the archive are still limited by the time-constraint of people entering the archive being removed from history.
Teams entering the anomaly are always 4 people. There are no exceptions to this. Should anyone try to enter the anomaly outside of an approved 4 team member mission an emergency mission into the archive is automatically authorized to retrieve the rough element.These measures are necessary to ensure that no member of the Insurgency uses the anomaly to escape or use its effect for personal reasons. The item is to be considered as a threat to the continued existence of the Insurgency and the established reality.


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