The Wintergreen Protocol
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The Wintergreen Protocol

Everywhere it is believed that the few should rule the many.
Everywhere it's about how good can you or another do something.
I have heard a story about a toaster that makes you burp
and the Insurgency did not what something like this.
But I say that's exactly what we need.
It may not be usable for us now, but if we study the phenomena we might be able to shape it to our desire.
I choose the Insurgency, because they seemed to know these things should not be locked up.
I heard about the cross-testing and was fascinated.
But then I heard that the Insurgency only wants useful Items. Weapons of terror, not tools of power.
To shape the world we need everything that we can get, study any thought we have about something.
The Insurgency sees a useless toaster, I see a tool to force someone's mouth open.
I see an effect which brings your muscles to do something or for a gas development within a person.
I saw the Insurgency not taking Items, because they were not useful.
This has taken so many phenomena we could understand out of our hands.
Knowledge is power, and there should not be a power we don’t seek.
I said that it's about the few ruling the many, but if there aren't so many way should we use this system?
The Insurgency is proud, that it can regrow from a single cell, but with this many cells that is irrelevant.
We should be a hydra with many heads, but instead the Insurgency only caters to a minority.
To better humanity, humanity needs to cooperate and the best form of cooperation is participation.
We are not terrorists, we seek knowledge and power, but we will fight for a better tomorrow.
We cross test what we got our hands on.
We are free scientists, knowledge is our first priority, for knowledge is power, and power is useful.
Take anything you can get, for only those who have the whole puzzle can see the full picture.
If you want to join us, you’re in, welcome to the Chaos Insurgency Cell Zeta.
If you are against us, we won't cast you out, we will find a position where you can do the right thing, but be warned, when we need a test subject you don’t want to be on that list (in most cases).

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