The Stove of Ignition
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Item: The Stove of Ignition
Size: 20x20x40cm, 209.3g (See the Addendum A for size of flame)
Type: A branded camping stove, from the 1980s
Living: No
Sentient: No
Potential/Current Hazards The stove is able to light burning flames that can get up to 10000°C once lit (18032°F)
Required Wear/Weaponry Heat-proof gloves are required for anyone handling the Item, as well as that no flammable items must be taken within 50m of the stove.
Location: Retrived Research Installation - Three
Reported Anomaly: Extreme uncertain temperatures once manually lightened.

An image captured of the stove once received. It is not branded, but is possibly from The Factory GoI.


The camping stove must only be lit with a match by test subject personnel whilst testing. The stove is to be kept in containment with heatproof walls at all times, and due to extreme temperatures, heat-proof gloves must be worn whilst operating the stove, and no flammable items must be taking into containment. Smoke detectors and fire alarms must be installed and tested on a weekly basis in rooms within a 200m radius of the stove. The stove requires to cleaning as no excess waste is produced by the flame, (see the Addendum A), nor is it affected by the heat.

The stove is able to scorch through human flesh within seconds, as well as being able to burn trough the strongest metal, tungsten, within seconds. This is as, once it is lit, it produces a flame generally between the temperature of 2000°C to 10000°C. Note that no pattern has been recognised for the temperature of the flame, it is seen to be random. This calls for the usage to gain entry to enemy GoI strongholds to retrieve research and Items (see Addendum B). As of now, the stove is to be tested on by test subjects on a biweekly basis the stove is to be kept in containment and not to be further tested on personnel (As stated by Cell Director ████████ due to safety precautions)


The Report portion should describe the item, provide the protocols for storing it, etc.

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