The Raid of Site 49

[Tape starts]

A figure is slumped over on a chair. The surrounding room is nearly completely dark, save for only the dim light of a flashlight off to the side of the room. The walls and floor, from what can be seen, are completely made out of stone bricks. The dark figure moves, seemingly coming to after being unconscious. After a few seconds of mumbling, they shout out,

“Hello?! What is this place?! What do you want with me?!”

After a few minutes, a door opens off camera, and another figure steps through. It is in the shape of a man wearing a long coat.

“Good day, Dr. Walin. It’s nice to see you.” The standing figure says.

“Who are you?” The sitting figure replies.

“Well that’s rude. Not even a greeting? You should remember me. Maybe it’s the lighting, hold on.” The figure walks over to the wall, and presumably flicks a switch.

“Oh that’s right, the power is out. You should remember that.”

“I asked you a question,” The sitting figure said, scooting their chair slightly closer into the light of the room. Dried blood can be seen splattered on their slightly torn shirt and pants, along with a scratched face and black eye.

“And I have answers.” The other figure replied.

“…What is this place? What do you want with me?”

“You know the answer to both those questions.”

“Dr. Walin, what do you remember from before you woke up here? What were you last doing?”

“I… I was in a facility. It was… oh god, it was a containment breach. Where am I, what happened to the other scientists?!” The sitting figure was moving around, more frantically trying to loosen the knots tying their arms to the chair.

“Dr. Walin, please, calm down. You’re safe here. You’re far away from that site.”

“What happened? Why am I tied up? Why was I knocked out? Why am I so beat up? Wh-”

“Doctor, all of this questioning is making me impatient. Answer my question, and I’ll answer yours. What do you remember? Specifically. What were the events that took place during the containment breach?”

“I… I can’t remember. Not anything in particular…”

“Tell us what you can.”

“All right, well… I was observing a test with an SCP… then there were alarms, red lights, security rushing all over the place… there was a lot of gunfire, running… then I remember running somewhere and shutting a door. That’s it.”

“Hm… What if I told you, Doctor, that what you were testing with was no SCP at all?”


“Well, it was not in possession of the Foundation. It certainly wasn’t catalogued there. It was something we put there. Specifically for you to test. It was our creation. We needed it to, in a sense, get the ball rolling.”

“…Who are you?”

“I think we both already know that.”

The sitting figure is silent.

“Now. What do you remember about the object you tested with?”

“It… it was some sort of machine. Except, it wasn’t really a machine. It looked like it had all the parts to be a machine, but it was made out of… it was some crystal.”

“Yes. It was found buried in the [DATA PURGED] Mountains. Not too far from the site itself. It was perfectly, naturally formed around 240 million years ago. We have had possession of it for quite some time now. Figuring out how it works, and how we can use it. When we did… oh boy. When we did.”

“Did the machine cause the containment breach?”

“Well, it didn’t cause it. It certainly helped. The plan couldn’t have fared half as well as it did without you and that machine.”

“What did I do?”

“You, Dr. Walin, you helped us. You helped us, so much. You don’t even know. With this, we are so much closer to achieving our goals. With what we took from Site 49, the future is at hand again. Thank you, Dr. Walin. Thank you so much for your help and effort.”

“No… wait. I’m still so confused. What happened? What did I do? Where did you take me? What do you want?!”

“Now, Dr. Walin, you know us.

If I told you, what would be the point?”


“We’ll see you again, in time, Dr. Walin.”

The standing figure motions to exit the room.

“Can you answer at least one of my questions?” The sitting one asks, turning the standing around.

“Who are you?”

“…The name is Doctor Kable.” The figure says. "But you already knew that."

He opens the door and leaves the room.

Another figure seems to emerge from the dark back wall, and sticks a needle in Dr. Walin’s neck.

[Tape ends]

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