The Player's Handbook
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Item: The Player's Handbook
Type: Reality Affecting Item
Living: No.
Sentient: No.
Potential/Current Hazards Death by Multiple Effects and major deformation of the body.1
Required Wear/Weaponry All personnel should wear basic safety suits while working with items.


The Item is to be used for deception of political figures, tracking of assassination targets, and quick termination of subjects in an emergency situation.

The only classes are to be used are Bard, Ranger, and Warlock. Warlock is to be used cautiously, as it summons a creature of immense power until classes are switched. The classes are all suited to different styles of battle or support. The bard is to be used as a support, giving good effects to the strike-team it's assigned to. The Ranger is to be used as an assassin, but can only use a bow to activate the ability to use spells to track targets. The Warlock is to be used as a engager, casting powerful spells until the "spell slots" run out. The item is contained in an electromagnetic locker, only opening to keys given by Beta-Level Personnel.


The Item is a copy of the Dungeons and Dragons 5th edition Players Handbook, other than the fact that it looks ancient, and is heavily damaged. That was found with a box full of Dungeons and Dragons Character Sheets. The anomalous properties of the item only activates if your name is put on the character sheets.

The item is locked in a electromagnetic safe, only able to be opened if two Alpha-Level personnel accept a request for usage. A request to use the item must be submitted a week before usage.

The item, if used, is never to have the "Race" section filled out, as it causes major deformation, and potential death from shrinking of the head, and heatstroke from feathers, fur and other deformities. The "Level" section seems to do nothing.

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