The day a puzzle died

The office of 05-H stood in the middle of nowhere, but this spot was destined for something great.

Henry Wintergreen, who had lived under the name Sommergr√ľn and Holder leaned over a piece of paper depicting a gear with 12 tooth, each tooth housing another gear of the same kind. Under his yellow tie he wore a locket in the same image. The "Connection Piece" how Meta had called it.

The thought named Meta Wonderrat was preparing the office by lowering the shutters that were able to isolate rooms from other parts of reality. This thought was like a very specific form of telekinetic, to Henry Wintergreen, ever since he had been fired into the past.

The whole day Meta had mumbled to himself, something about a war and that he would not be there for it.
Henry knew that the thought named Meta had been separated from the machine he inhabited when Wintergreen first meet him, but he had never seen him not acting like a calculating automaton.
Meta returned to the table.

"I made you into an 05. We own the Insurgency. We shared a body for years.
But today is the day we both die."
"You are a thought and a tough one at that. What could even be strong enough to even touch you? And as for me, the shutters are down. This office is the safest place on earth."
"When you ordered the construction of this office, after I advised it, you have not realised it?"
"We are currently on the same position as Base Six."
"I noticed."
"There is something here in the future that I need." Metas projected body was hovering over to the table.
"What might that be?"
"The archive."

Meta returned into the head of Wintergreen.

"Have you heard about DNA?" The thought echoed through Wintergreens head. The answer was yes.

"I plan to do something that will really piss of someone powerful."

Machine DNA. Each part containing the complete building plan to the whole. This part of his thought concealed Meta from Wintergreen.

"I will create several objects that were never meant for this world."

A picture of a walking cane popped into Henrys mind.

"Another staff, like the staff of Hermes." Metas thoughts were now echoing in Wintergreens mind.

The next picture in his head showed a clock.

"The staff is a tool and I am a clockmaker."
"But why should we both die for a clock?"
"We wont."

Metas hands leaved Wintergreens and started to bend the gold that was scattered across the table.
Would someone able to see Meta, have seen this unfold, he would have seen a man with 4 hands.

Metas hand dropped something that looked like a toothpick encased in metal.
"I will take over the mind of this to make the staff."

The metal dispersed revealing a toothpick underneath. Than it was like Meta was sucked out of Wintergreen.
The stone started to eat away the things in the room. The room became colder, the toothpick had started to grow, sticking to the table, while the metal was eating said table. The stone formed a sphere around one end of the newly grown staff, than encased it again.
The cane that now laid on the table had the look of normal oak cane with a metal ball as a handle.

Meta was back in Wintergreens head, his hands continued to build a clock, now using the staff to reform the metal. Wintergreen had heard of the staff of Hermes and now he had witnessed the creation of its twin. There was a distant thunder.

"He knows.", was all that Meta said about it.

Had Wintergreen had his 05 alarm-ticker on, it would have beeped the code of a containment breach.

Meta drew out the connection piece. One piece from before the Bank lost, before he had lost his body. A piece containing a plan for the whole.
"This piece will break, be stored away, and finally end up in a button."

Meta finished the clock.
"I have stolen a piece of heaven to make it work better. We both now have to face something. Would you like me to build your back-up into here, too?"
"Do that."
Sorry, Wintergreen. This is my life preserver, you will no longer be needed. Meta copied himself into the clock.
Meta fully returned into Wintergreen. The connection piece started to burn itself into Henrys mind.

Henry heard the voice he trusted whisper: "Time to be of one kind, one mind, one body."
Wintergreen closed his eyes.
Holder opened them.
The full might of Meta knowledge had mostly overwritten Wintergreen.

Holder took the staff and made a key and a lock, build like the locks of Meterpic, all withstanding, incorruptible.
Holder stepped out of his office, after opening the shutters. He closed the door with the padlock and put the key into his pocket, he would need that office later. Than Metas mind was hit with the full force of Wintergreens emotions and ambitions.

Meta HAD prophesied this.

Holder was not Meta and not Wintergreen. Holder looked down at the clock.
"You wont get out of there for a long time, Meta. That's for betraying me."
Holder looked up.

The sky was covered in illuminated, shiny wings and a thousand arms holding swords out of heavenly light.
The ball at the end of the cane sucked in the air around it, converting it and forming a blade.
"Lets do this, Angle with the flaming sword. A thought you can wipe, a human you can obliterate, but an opponent you need to fight and fighting progress means losing." Holder knew that Meta had fought mightier foes, all he needed was a body and now he had one.

All arms struck down, the figure holding them, striking with the furry of heaven.

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