The Brass Knife
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Item: The Brass Knife
Size: 8-1/2 Inches
Sentient: No
Usage Precautions: WARNING: Highly dangerous, usage as a small-scaled weapon.
Handling Precautions: Custom HAZMAT and fire proximity made full-body suit
Location: optional Classified


The item is to be used in small-scaled attacks. 1 troop consisting the rank of beta and up must hold the item in their right hand in a Forward grip edge up position for best performance and durability with the item. The wielder and their squad must be wearing custom HAZMAT and fire proximity full body suits. The wielder’s squad must be behind the wielder at a distance of 1.75 meters [5.7 feet] for the safest distance. The Item is to be carried in a wooden hand-crafted
Turkish knife safe which it’s interior must be made from
tungsten and titanium which weighs roughly ████ KGs [████ pounds].


The item is stored in a fire resistant 2x2x2 meter Maximum Security cell in it’s facility. The cell is constructed with 70% ████████, ██% ██████ and ██% of ██████. Entrance to the item’s containment requires beta-level authorization. The object is monitored and guarded by 2 security personnel on a weekly rotation. The containment cell must be maintained each month via cleaning the interior with anti-radioactive cleaning materials. A Geiger counter constantly monitors the radiation that the item produces. Personnel should be cautious about holding the item in a correct position or possible extreme self-burns to the wielder may occur.

The item is an old brass Turkish knife that is believed to be created in the 18th century. It contains a carving on the blade reading the text “TURKEY”. The knife has it’s own blade cover both completely handmade from brass. The knife when used correctly makes the blade light in up flames at a temperature of roughly 976 Degrees Celsius and emits small amounts of harmful radiation. The item’s flames are produced for an hour and 13 minutes exactly. The radiation lasts for roughly 23 hours after usage. Researchers are still uncertain on how and why the temperature of the blade doesn’t melt or bend the blade. Infrared cameras have shown that the inside of the blade is 3000 degrees Celsius yet it does not do any physical or chemical changes to the exterior of the knife whatsoever.
When the Blade is activated, the carving lights up in a steel blue color estimated to be 2000 Degrees Celsius.

When the wielder stabs an organic entity while the blade is activated, the entity’s skin instantly disintegrates due to the heat and radiation of the blade. When the item’s blade cover is equipped to the knife, it instantly cools all heat from the blade in a time of ██ seconds. The radiation of the blade (if the organic entity survived) causes mass deformation if the organic entity reproduces. When the wielder attempts to stab materials like concrete or building materials, the impact creates a fire like ripple that may cause major damage depending on the material it has impacted on.

The knife was found in an abandoned illegal coal mine in 1957 in ██████, Turkey. The item was found by professor ███████ and his wife while on a holiday trip to a sightseeing point of a mountain range. While upon discovery, Professor ███████ found the coal mine and proceeded to explore the mine, upon discovering the knife, he attempted to grab the item without a protective suit causing his left hand to be vaporized to bone. After he seeked major medical attention, a special team of scientists were sent to the cave to retrieve the item.

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