The Alien Dictator
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Item: The Alien Dictator
Size: 1,9 m
Type: mammal
Living: -Y-
Sentient: -Y-
Potential/Current Hazards It can potentially call aliens to earth
Required Wear/Weaponry none
Location: The USA
Reported Anomaly: The Anomaly is SCP-4444 "Bush v. Gore" after leaving Al Gore's Body Effectivly killing him. SCP-4444 then transferred onto Donald Trump's body.


SCP-4444 is to be yet noticed by The SCP Foundation as The Chaos Insurgency has put a robot replica in SCP-4444's place. SCP-4444 can be used for manipulating many people as well as controlling the USA.


SCP-4444 is an extra-dimensional rod that controlled the body of former the United States Vice President Albert Arnold Gore Jr., presumably since late 1998. The entity is invisible to the naked eye but appears under infrared as a long, slender, translucent, hexagonal pyramid
that now controls the body of USA President Donald Trump. We were alerted of this by an Item Acquisition Operative and SCP-4444 was locked in a cell and a robot put in place of SCP-4444

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