Sugar Cube

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Item: Sugar Cube
Size: 1.75 cubic cm each
Type: sentient Sugar
Living: Unstable
Sentient: Unstable
Potential/Current Hazards Overdose has lead to hallucinations and symptoms equal to a normal sugar overdose
Required Wear/Weaponry Non conductive gloves, transport only in non conductive containers
Location: [Access Denied]
Reported Anomaly: Sentience throw electricity being applied on the crystal structure


The item is to be given to field operatives and assault units before missions with a high failure rate. A small dosage is to be at hand while in the filed by all officers. The items properties activate once it comes into contact with electricity, usually provided by a human or animal nervesystem. Accidental activation is to be avoided.

Until further notice the item (?) is diploid as a measure to hide valuable information within the heads of CI personal. Further tests, regarding other use cases are pending approval.


The item has shown an intelligence of its own by preserving and recalling information inaccessible to personal in symbiosis with the stone.

The intelligence operates ad a similar composite as cpus in computers from around 2012, but it is believed that with more surge forming the Cristal, as well as providing the Cristal with more electricity (Overvolting) could trigger an immense performance increase.

During tests the intelligence was entirely uncooperative, even blocking out entire brain regions including the once responsible for short term memory, speech and limiting access to longterm memory.

The first case activation of the item occurred during a test with anomalous metals discovered in September of 2016. When the structure of the metal was analyzed a partly crystalline structure was discovered within the metals.
The structure was wrongfully identified as ordinary sugar.
The item was swapped out during a standard cleaning.
Once the water was saturated the Cristal started to reform.
During a standard electrocution test the sugar started to move and entered the bloodstream of an onside researcher throw a cut. It was noted that the anomaly first tried to provoke another shock, but when it noticed its energy discharging it played dead to inflict a wound upon the researcher to gain access to the electricity within the researchers nerve system. It ceased activity after embedding itself inside of the brain of the researcher.
It staid inactive until the psychological investigation of the researcher in which it actively interfered with questioning.

The phenomenon replicates by integrating newly forming sugar cristalles to its structure.
The insurgency processes approximately 50 kilograms of the substance in doses of 0.25 grams per pill..
Production of larger quantity is not considered a problem.

The largest quantity that ever achieved simultaneous sentience was a 1.5 kilograms Cristal that somehow quired a AA battery.
It grow 4 legs and escape into the kitchen, where it was swiftly smashed by agent [Data Removed] who was making a sandwich at the time of the breach, separating the sugar from the battery.

In the aftermath a fine sugar dust was detected in the joints of the creatures legs.
If this powdered sugar is a result of the movement or enables it is undetermined.

Update 1:

After the incident a connection with the Molecular Philosophers Stone was suspected as the general intelligence and the behavior of both anomalies seemed to aline.

During the scanning of older MPS files a connection was discovered.

A former researcher of the MPS project, Dr. Kandregon, hat noted two anomalies he had been working on prior to his integration into the Insurgency: "Sugar Dragon" and "Sentient Metal Cube". Both items are still expected to be in Foundation custody.

Since Dr. Kendregon is currently not able to answer further questions thees hints to the existence of the source of the anomaly are only noted for completion.

The metal the anomaly was extracted from did not show any further anomaly.
It was sugar, the metal was highly densened sugar at least according to the molecular composition. Than the metal vanished overnight. Higher ups said not to worry about it.

Further data has been Redacted by [Data Removed].

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