Star Ninja
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Item: Star Ninja
Size: undetermined
Type: Machine
Living: No
Sentient: Yes
Potential/Current Hazards Should the Insurgency ever become a target, operation “Disbursed” is to be carried out immediately.
Required Wear/Weaponry Interaction with the subject is restricted to text only communication. In case of “Disbursed” all personal need to get equipped with Typ 4 explosives and modified explosive ammo Typ 8. We just dont know if we could survive that. I have heared storys about there work with the Foundation and im not willing to see that happen to us.
Location: The Item orbits the earth in the higher atmosphere.
Reported Anomaly: undetermined


To activate the Item a text message containing the name of a target and some mission specifications are to be send to the object via the frequency [REDACTED]. To keep the Item from unauthorized activation the items frequency is to be blocked if not in use. The item is use for quick assassination, infiltration, sabotage, theft and finance gathering.
The mission success rate is 80 %. The only missions of the Item that failed were test missions conducted by the Insurgency to test the limits of the Item.


The Item is an orbital station refereed to as SN-0, first discovered in 1919. The object was falsely identified as a metal moon orbiting the planet.
The Items property were discovered during the split of the Insurgency from the Foundation in 1924 as something activated the Item to aid the Insurgency in the theft of multiple Items, which were later not recovered by the Insurgency, because the Item had hidden them. The instances that stole the Items are still presumed to be active and still guarding the Items that were stolen.

If the Item gets activated it will deploy one instance of an other object hereby refereed to as SN-1 to carry out the mission as described by the initial message used for activation.
The instances of SN-1 vary from mission to mission, but are always humanoid in appearance (as of known instances of SN-1).
When in hiding on earth SN-1 takes the appearance of a blue cloaked figure approximately 1.88 meters in height.
If this appearance changes during the time of the mission is unknown. If the subject is aware of its identification as an instance of SN-1 it will self-destruct with the force needed to completely disfigure it to the point beyond recognition. The exact power of the explosion has varied from instance to instance.
Should the instance of SN-1 get destroyed and the mission is still possible to accomplish SN-0 will deploy an other instance of SN-1.

One test mission included a test of durability of instances of SN-1.
In this test it was concluded that modified explosive ammo Typ 8 the best defense against SN-1 is.

It is currently unknown what happens to SN-1 after a mission. It is presumed that it self-destruct in a remote location or returns to SN-0 by unknown means.

It is currently unknown if SN-0 retains its mass after deployments of SN-1 instances.

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