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Commander One
Previously: O5-4: The Gangster
O5-4 played a large role in Foundation manipulation of world governments and economic systems. Additionally, he had extensive ties to organized crime and domestic terrorism, ties which existed before his elevation to the O5 Council. He simply never let them go, and the obvious utility of crime connections during the Foundation's early years allowed him to justify these questionable continuing relationships. Most people who the Foundation 'disappeared' or assassinated during their formative years were targeted under the auspices of O5-4.Helped design the first iteration of the Chaos Insurgency as a Foundation black ops project before defecting with the fully realized Chaos Insurgency during the Foundation Civil War. Although not a mastermind of the "true" Insurgency, is likely significantly responsible for its success post-schism, for when he left, he took his connections with him. When O5-4 defected, the Foundation wiped out all his operations and reassigned or terminated his remaining staff. Though this was likely a good choice for them long-term, this partially contributed to certain destabilizations in world economies of the time. Rumored to have known Al Capone and number of other crime lords personally.

Commander Two
Previously: O5-7: The Professor/The Heretic
A professor at a major university and a trained psychologist; held the former position even while a member of the O5 Council, before disappearing from both upon defection. Developed a large number of training programs across the Foundation, many of which are still in use today in some form. A major thought leader in the Insurgency; possibly co-created the first iteration of the Insurgency. Embraced the name "Chaos Insurgency" as legitimate during the schism; is likely the reason the Chaos Insurgency is called the Chaos Insurgency.Advocated for research into numerous venues the rest of the O5 Council deemed too dangerous to touch, including chaos magics and a reality warping god-engine both in current use by the Chaos Insurgency today. Advocated for large-scale weaponization and active use of SCP objects. Spent an inordinate amount of time researching the brain structure of anomalous humanoids. Foresaw the increase in anomalies that was only beginning to be experienced by the Foundation and general anomalous community of the time; expressed that to survive, the Foundation would need move from merely preserving normalcy to actively determining normalcy, and determining the future for the human race at large. Accused of having a 'god complex'; took these accusations as a compliment. Took the position that God was missing or dead, and therefore the Foundation needed to take his place.

Commander Tree
Previously: O5-11: The Keeper/The Warden
Developed many of the Foundation's early containment procedures. Supported extensive research into the anomalous. Opposed categorizing humanoids as SCPs. To her, an SCP was an object: a book or a ball or a car, not a child. Caused the the initial schism in the Council, which O5-7 would take rhetorical advantage of; when she was outvoted in the Council, she would not take no for an answer, and enacted the split. She saw the Chaos Insurgency as liberators; humanoid SCPs would work with SCP Foundation researchers, not be imprisoned by them. Wife of then-O5-12. Strong-armed O5-12 into defecting with her. Because of their positions, they were able to take many humanoid SCPs with them, along with a great deal of useful SCP items.

Commander Four
Previously: O5-12: The Trainman/The Conductor
Assisted O5-11 in developing many of the Foundation's early containment procedures. Approved of weaponization of SCP objects. Supported extensive research into the anomalous.One of O5-12's significant roles was overseeing the rotation of SCPs between Foundation facilities. This rotation was publicly aimed at getting new perspectives on SCP objects for research and effective containment purposes. Less public, but no less important, was the secondary purpose of preventing any group of researchers from working with humanoid SCPs for too long. Initially resisted defecting from the Foundation, but was strong-armed into joining the Insurgency by his wife, O5-11. His position of control over SCP rotation and transportation allowed the Insurgency to make off with a very high number of SCPs, particularly humanoid SCPs, during the schism. Additionally, his popularity with Foundation generals who desired weaponization of SCP objects gave the Insurgency a significant power boost during the Foundation Civil War.

The Engineer
A member of Delta Command who’s in constant telepathic conversation with the Engine, unceasingly transcribing the Engine’s will in a plan or steps into a massive list of instructions without any immediate sense of correlation. The rest of Delta Command past this instruccions a their operatives and separates these in more little steps. Nobody but Delta Command is aware of the Engine’s existence or true nature.


Item Knife of The Dead Man
Size 32 cm x 13cm.
Tipe Cold Steel.
Living No.
Conscious No.
Potential/Current Hazards Expiration of the user in time limit.
Clothing/Armor Required None.
Location Base Seven, Warehouse for Anomalous Weaponry.
Reported Anomaly Anomalous organic disintegration.


The article should be used for murder missions that require discretion and complete removal of evidence.The chosen targets must be eliminated by stabbing the heart, without any degree of error. The article should only be used by the personnel chosen according to the specifications of Document A-04. Once removed from its containment, the personnel in use has a time limit of 24 hours before the activation of its side effect.


The item must be kept in an iron box with automatic lock when not in use. The key of the lock should be changed every two days. The box is monitored with electronic surveillance cameras closed. The storage room of the article is monitored by two guards with night shifts. The article should not be drawn more than for missions and experimentation.

The item is a short-range knife with a short needle-tipped blade and a handle made of engraved bone terminated at one end in the shape of a skull. The blade maintains its edge regardless of constant use. When the article is used to cause a mortal wound in a vital organ, especially the heart, it will activate its anomalus effect. The body of every person who is mortally wounded will burn instantly in a phenomenon similar to spontaneous combustion until it becomes enveloped in distinctive black flames until it becomes a substance similar to ash, including any inorganic material that is worn (clothing, shoes, watches, prosthesis, etc.) in an average time of 45 seconds to a full minute.

The second effect of the blade occurs if it is not used for the removal of targets in more than 24 hours. The last person who touched the blade and did not use it to kill another individual will enter a state of advanced cellular degeneration, characterized by an accelerated necrosis that will end the user's life in less than an hour. I do not know if you need to touch the blade so that the side effect takes effect and it will continue to be generated regardless of the range of distance between the knife and its last user. The use of protective suits of any kind does not prevent the activation of the secondary effect. Once the person has killed a target with the knife, it will not suffer the side effect and it will not manifest until someone else touches it and restarts the cycle.


The article was found during an assault on a residence by members of the insurgency in support of the region's cartels in exchange for monetary benefits in the profits from the distribution of drugs in the area. After the assault and when inspecting the residence, he found the article and it was discovered that it belonged to Joaquin García Hernández, known drug trafficker and presumed former member of the Los Ocultos cartel. No other anomaly was found.

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