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Item: The Mesmerizing Camera
Size: 10.16cm long 2.54cm thick 7.62cm tall
Type: optional -is it a fungus? a mammal? something made during the Renaissance?-
Living: No
Sentient: No
Potential/Current Hazards -Is it dangerous? How is it dangerous?-
Required Wear/Weaponry personnel must have a pair of black tinted sunglasses when in contact with this item (This is to reduce the risk of brain damage/blindness during a misfire)
Reported Anomaly: This item causes large-scale blindness as well as causes significant brain damage, knocking out those who are unfortunate enough to look into this camera when it is flashed


In order to use this item, you must press the top button with the glass part pointing towards the target. how do you activate it, if applicable? What safety measure do you have to do? What are the potential uses of the item?

The Usage portion should describe how we use the item, how careful we should be, how to take care of it, etc.


What is the item? What does it look like? What's the size? What does it do? Is there something we should be aware of? What are its anomalous properties? How'd we find it? When? How do we store the item safely? How do we protect it?

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