Ring of Solomon
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Item: Ring of Solomon
Living: No
Sentient: No
Potential/Current Hazards Item is currently a memetic hazard, and until it is fully understood, containment is not to be opened except for maintenance.
Required Wear/Weaponry Type-II Anti-Memetic Hazard Suits
Location: Base Six
Reported Anomaly: Transformative qualities, memetic lure tactic.


Item is, so far, understood very little. Until it is understood how to use properly, item is to be kept in cold storage at Base Six.


Item is a quartz ring, which conforms to said wearer's finger.Item's intended effect was to allow the manipulation and two-way understanding of all quadrupedal mammals in the area, meant for reconnaissance.Instead, item causes the wearer to convert into a Ophiophagus hannah, over the next week after contact. Item is impossible to remove during conversion. Process is said to be extremely painful.

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