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While the Chaos Insurgency Wiki has been recognized as a more laid back wiki in terms of writing expectations than the SCP Foundation, it is important to remember that the CI-Wiki is not a place simply made for slaking wannabe writers. Writing an article is not an easy thing to accomplish: it is a challenge. Not a holiday picnic.

Writing a successful tale can be a struggle for any user, experienced or not. It requires dedication, meaning that you need to put forth the effort to conduct research on your topic of choice.

A tale is generally critiqued using a five section rubric:

The writing is exceptionally clear, focused, and interesting. It holds the reader’s attention throughout. Main ideas stand out and are developed by strong support and rich details suitable to audience and purpose. The writing is characterized by
• clarity, focus, and control.
• main idea(s) that stand out.
• supporting, relevant, carefully selected details; when appropriate, use of resources provides strong, accurate, credible support.
• a thorough, balanced, in-depth explanation / exploration of the topic; the writing makes connections and shares insights.
• content and selected details that are well-suited to audience and purpose.

"Cyrus, we're living in a dreamworld if we can ignore this existence of an outer earth. The world is not alone. I've been there. I know what it's like up there. Well, sort of. It's imperative for science, for our future, for our security, that we may contact with these beings. We are ready for relations with them, at least on a limited scale."

Several days have passed since Haos had ascended from the Channels of Hermes, and he was meeting with Head-Director Cyrus Brown for the second time. Haos was anxious to spill the details of the discovery to the press, go to Washington and, if necessary, tell the president himself. Although Haos himself had tried to deny the existence these extradimensional beings, his most recent mission had undoubtedly had been his breaking point. After acquiring the Staff, he realized that the Foundation had been telling the truth. Another land, another people, existed among us.

He paced around Cyrus' office. The director sat back in his chair and watched him, analyzing him. He threaded and unthreaded his fingers as he listened. A slight furrow knitted on his brow, but he made no attempt to interrupt.

"…of course, I'm not the first person to think of this, sir." Haos continued. "As you know, many people — ancient people — from this side have been there and returned. There's so many tales which nobody, including myself, believed." Haos stopped in front of Cyrus' desk.

More stuff here…

This was my first SCP draft from like 2010 which was never completed. I plan to rework it someday. Don't judge me.

Item #: SCP-2208

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Samples of the SCP-2208 bacterium are kept in the lower section of the ██████-██ Biohazard area. Surrounding SCP-2208's containment box is an 2x2x2 m airtight area. The area is to constantly be sprayed with Dr. Elledge's solution of Hydrogen Peroxide with Methyl Isothiocyanate to help prevent any airborne cases.

No personnel without permission from at least two B Class personnel are allowed to enter SCP-2208's containment cell. When permitted, personnel entering SCP-2208's cell or affected areas are cautioned to wear the appropriate biohazard protection and have absolutely no open flesh areas or mouth/nose exposed to SCP-2208. Failing to do so will result in SCP-2208-1 to be contained and quarantined until death. Once dead, SCP-2208-1 is to be crushed and incinerated to completely kill off remaining bacteria.

Description: SCP-2208 was first discovered in ██/██/██ by ██████ ████████, a British paleontologist, who was examining bone scrapings of a Emausaurus under a microscope when he found a previously unknown bacteria, SCP-2208. Three (3) days after exposure to SCP-2208, ██████ ████████ was found dead in his dining room. His blood and other chemicals were found to have had a chemical change into an unknown type of stone that showed similarities to [DATA EXPUNGED].
SCP-2208 is an extremely contagious, airborne, biohazardous bacteria that has been found to be capable of slowly hardening the liquids in its host's body (SCP-2208-1) in a 2-3 day period.
After exposure, (through experimentation on multiple Class-D personnel) the following symptoms were reported.

  1. | STAGE ONE | Within the first 12 hours of exposure, SCP-2208-1 will experience extreme headaches and possible minor nausea.
  2. | STAGE TWO | After an approximate 24 hours, SCP-2208-1 will experience frequent nausea and smaller areas of the body, (such as fingers) will become unusable due to rapid thickening of blood, cutting of circulation in those areas. SCP-2208-1's movements become extremely sluggish.
  3. | STAGE THREE | The blood and other chemicals in SCP-2208's body are completely hardened. SCP-2208-1 dies.

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"X-Men Challenge"


A Counter-Argument to Perceived Site Standards


Forget shunning X-Men Syndrome. That's the very reason we keep humanoids in the first place. Useless anomalous humanoids don't work for the Insurgency. We have no need for them.

Think about it. While its portrayal varies with the author, the Chaos Insurgency has always been painted as the underdog, or the group that is numerically inferior, or technologically lagging, and ideologically in the wrong. What it makes up for those shortcomings are the anomalies it collects. Strong, useful anomalies that are suitable for the group's survival and success.

We do not have the resources that other GOIs may have. The Insurgency possesses a tiny fraction of land, funding, manpower and capabilities that groups like the Foundation have. As such, it is only prudent that we are picky about which Items we keep, and which we pass or destroy because they're a strain to contain.

Approach to Anomalies


I have thought about the portrayal of the Insurgency and how it seems the wiki treats them as Well-Intentioned Extremists with an extremely ruthless agenda, even though I know their actual motives are evil. Yet it seems like they're still standing on the platform of 'the Advancement of Humanity'. I disagree. We all know the group is truly evil.

In that case, The Chaos Insurgency should have no false pretenses. We should not make excuses on reports and briefings that we are acting for the greater good. Saying that is simply for PR (Public Relations). Which begs the question. Why does the Chaos Insurgency even want PR? Their very name is a sure sign to stay away from them. Therefore, this is what needs to be said:

The Insurgency should be clearly, impenitently evil. We serve as the true foil for all SCP GoIs with some shades of grey, or white-and-black morality. We should not write the Insurgency making excuses of 'blowing up this town for good', or 'capturing the monster for our safety'. We are doing them for our own goals; we should send a message clear that we are the ones capable of being the antagonists, and it should be even more so than any perceived evil character in other groups.

The above topic raises another question: if the Insurgency is so unaffably evil, who would bother joining it? Wouldn't potential operatives be scared off by the sheer terror the group causes?

Has morality ever been a deciding factor in employment, in let's say, the Foundation? I think a lot of the more interesting cases has been one of coercion. It's almost never ethics that drives an individual to pursue a shady job4. It's money, or power, or a deal of sorts. In that way, the Insurgency has its methods. It doesn't need to play the angel or knight-in-armor card. It makes its intentions clear, and offers you rewards should you join.

There will always be those types of people. Evil people. Sadistic people. Those who work best when presented with ample power and a good amount of resources and manpower. Those who simply want to watch the world burn. Or those that are not morally-aligned and join the Insurgency at no problem. It's better than nothing.

There will always be people who would fit in with the Insurgency. The case is when, where and how the Insurgency will recruit them.


This is my quasi-official personal statement about the Wiki's unspoken tropes, de-facto rules, previous stances of various topics, and trends, as I have witnessed and perceived. I have written this solely as a member, without any official administrative push for anything to change. These are my opinions and they will invariably come with suggestions to improve what I see are specific problems plaguing the site.

This is not intended to be followed to the letter, or followed at all. This is not intended to be a shape-up plan for the Insurgency, simply a medium for me to speak out as part of the community who has been observing the site in-depth for three years.

Challenge Guidelines

  • Subject must be male, have a useful anomaly, and be suitable for Insurgency operations.
  • Subject must be written with the idea of being usable in future works.
  • Subject must belong to the Teal Division.
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