Red Flash/Bang
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Item: Red Flash/Bang
Type: Clothing (Weapon)
Potential/Current Hazards: Accidentally dropping or hitting the Items may result in mild seeing/hearing damage. Armed ammunition bears the risk of facility wide destruction.
Required Wear/Weaponry: Outside of the ammunition production, no special wear is required, although sunshades and earplugs may be used for personal convenience
Location: Distributed amongst Insurgency Sites with advanced arsenals
Reported Anomaly: Limitless emission of energy in form of light/sound.


The Item's effect is triggered by kinetic force directed against it when it is worn on a human nose. The strength of the effect scales with the strength of the force applied.

Testing of the Insurgency's stockpile of Red Flashes and Red Bangs for instances that manifest the anomalous effect is to be conducted by Delta personnel whenever more of the Item is seized. Unanomalous instances are to be resold for profit

Assembly of warheads and artillery shells should be conducted by Gamma engineers placing the triggering mechanism (for details of its construction, see the assorted constructional documents). The projectile has to be armed by the firing crew by placing an instance of the Item worn by an embalmed human nose inside the appropriate slot.

Since supply of the Red Flash/Bang is rare and can not be guaranteed, user discretion is advised.


The Red Flash and the Red Bang are instances of the [REDACTED] Costume Manufacturer's "Clown Nose"- or "Rudolf Nose"-accessories. Due to their undeniable similarity, the two distinct, yet related anomalies are given a common designation.

When squeezed, the objects emit a faint red glow achieved through chemical means (Red Flash) or a comedic "squeaking" noise (Red Bang). Approximately one third of the item exhibits anomalous scaling with the force of the squeeze past technical limits if worn on a human nose.1 No practical upper limit to the emission could be determined, however a theoretical limit is imposed on their energy output due to relativity of the impact force. Both Items scale linear to humanly perceived brightness/loudness, meaning doubling the impact force will double the resulting brightness/loudness.

Since human perception follows a logarithmic scale, the Red Flash/Bang scales exponentially. For example, an increase of just 10 dB equals the resulting acoustic power increasing tenfold. Due to this property, the Red Flash/Bang make for highly efficient weaponry, although the respective instances get destroyed their own effect in the process.
The Red Flash is used either for battlefield illumination or as optical/thermal bomb, capable of blinding and causing permanent harm to unprotected surveillance systems and eyes.
The Red Bang is used to create extreme blast waves exceeding hundreds of kilotons TNT equivalent. One of these warheads was used in one particular encounter with [REDACTED], in which it was not just able to blast off significant parts of the outer hull and shatter the endoskeleton beneath.


Corporate espionage of the [REDACTED] Costume Manufacturer failed to identify any special process by which the Red Flash and the Red Bang are being manufactured there. Although systematic extortion attempts have proven successful at preventing the production stop of the "Rudolf the red-nosed Reindeer Costume Nose" during non-holiday season, the company couldn't be acquired by the Insurgency to date.

Due to these complications, all shipping of the products must be intercepted and searched for anomalous instances of the Red Flash/Bang. Leftover wares are to be re-distributed as to not raise suspicion by hostile GoI.

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