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Little is known about POI-5. It is not even certain that POI-5 is a person.

First contact with POI-5 was established in 1924. A person or organization calling themselves Mr. Holder contacted the Insurgency and offered to sponsor the newly formed organization. High Command approved his terms.
Holder first became a problem when the routine background check on him stayed inconclusive. Holder was designated as PersonOfInterest-5 in 1925. During the time of the Insurgency he played a moderate roll in Insurgency financing. POI-5 provided Intelligence and funding for multiple missions. At this point High Command cancelled the search to find the identity of POI-5. The last working theory suggests a member of the Foundation High Command.

During the first investors purge of 1948 and the final break with the Foundation, POI-5 directly sponsored the elimination of known and unknown sponsors beside him. Contact with POI-5 was discontinued by the new Chaos Insurgency High Command afterwards. During the following search for new sponsors contact with Mr. Holder was re-established. For a time POI-5 sponsored multiple small independent movements within the CI and missions independently from High Command. Mr. Holder started buying abnormal, but useless, objects. Under CI personnel it became highly common to report recovered items as useless, broken or leaved them unreported to sell them to POI-5. After this lucrative black market was discovered by High Command they offered Mr. Holder the first ever Platinum Membership in an attempt to de-mask him and reclaim the lost assets. The trap did not have the desired effect. Seeing how well POI-5 paid, high command approved the model of selling unwanted assets and it became common.
In multiple cases Mr. Holder gave the Chaos Insurgency mission Intel and a fixed price for items recovered during the mission. Attempts to negotiate with Holder or his representatives showed that he was always willing to accept new offers, but never went above an agreed price even if that meant not to get the item at all.
Mr. Holder has shown high interest in objects associated with the Broken God, the Factory and Dr. Wondertainment.
Holder escaped the second investor purge of 1968, re-entering as a sponsor imminently after the purge.
At that time he started to show immense knowledge of the inner workings of the Chaos Insurgency.
It was determined that POI-5 had multiple moles throughout the organization.

POI-5 was reclassified as a class 2 threat for the CI when he tried to buy an official Alpha Clearance level and a seat in High Command, during the third investor purge of 2015. Handing over this much power within the CI to an unknown organization or person was deemed unacceptable.

It is likely that POI-5 once again started to establish his network within the CI. Holder and all of his agents are to be traced.
Mr. Holder remains sole sponsor of the CI, after the Independence movement of the CI, which coursed the third investor purge. To make the CI fully Independent without risking a splintering of the CI caused by Holders network, all contact with him is prohibited.

POI-5 is now regarded as a class 5 threat to the Insurgency, after multiple Alpha staff members were attacked and murdered at a meeting, that was set up as a trap for POI-5. It is almost certain that Mr. Holder is responsible for this attack.


Part of a List of Items in possession of POI-5 without obvious usability

Date of purchase description Price (adjusted to inflation (2000)) Other
1926 53 mono color crystals of unknown material, glowing if connected to a power source (red, green, blue, yellow) 235 $ each Stolen during split of 1924
1934 hand crank with attached gear, able to start gear based machinery, if attached 26670 $ mission of recovery was sponsored by POI-5 and all intelligence was provided by POI-5
1935 10 Nazi armbands which increased patriotism 150 $ each Stolen from a Nazi research facility, box was labelled "Prototypen"
1935 white cylinder that always falls with 4 km/h regardless of drop height or acceleration time 468 $ recovered from a cave system in Sweden, intelligence provided by POI-5
1949 cane unable to connect with the ground 2089 $ bought in an auction in New York, intelligence provided by POI-5
1988 painting of gears dated to 1577, gears appear to move before breaking 37779 $ recovered from an abandoned factory in Italy, intelligence provided by POI-5, signs of a recent fight around the facility, no dead bodies
1990 corps of unknown creature found in a cemetery in England 3880 $ Corps dates back to 1477, intelligence provided by POI-5
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