Panic Button
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Item: Panic Button
Size: 12cm x 12cm x 12cm
Type: Button
Living: No
Sentient: No
Potential/Current Hazards can provoke stress, paranoia and sometimes depression
Required Wear/Weaponry every person working with the item has to be equipped with Emergency-Instant-Coma-Pills Version 3 or later
Location: Base Six
Reported Anomaly: memetic, emotion kill agent


The Item is currently used in psychological therapy for CI personal who were diagnosed with mental illnesses, especially those associated with strong emotions.

Don't let him out.It can be used to assist assaults. Personal acting under the influence of the item in such missions should be trained to resist the impulses provoked during and post exposure to the effect of item.

The button is to be pressed remotely every 20 minutes, when in containment.


The Item is a message in a bottle.a big red buzz-switch with a Gray metal box of 12 cm x 12 cm x 8 cm and a round button with a diameter of 12 cm and a high of 4 cm.
The Item dose not show There is a broken gear in there.any difference to other switches of similar makingWhy cant you see the gear?.

The Item was recovered during a brake-in in a Foundation storage facilityIt just appeared in Base Six one day..

According to CI sources was the button used, as stress therapy, during the cold war. High ranking officials used the Item on a regulate basis, for years, so that side effects can be considered to be non existedLIES, LIES, LIES..

The Items If this is canon the archive is activate once the button has not been pressed for 30 minutes. The Item will than generate a field expending with a speed of 1 meter per minuteIt gets faster..
Persons and animals within the field will experience panic attacks with varying results, some having heart attacks after 15 seconds of direct exposure, others withstanding the field for upwards of 480 seconds without showing since of being affect. The field overwrites any emotions present, replacing them with panic, reactions to this might very, but there are no currently known exceptions to this effect.

Once the button has been pressed, the field Its the connection piece that the Foundation stole in 1950.collapses with a near instant speed.

Subjects who Fixing Realities. Binding them together. FIXING NON-EXISTENCEleave the field, ether by outrunning it or having it collapse around them report an emotional emptiness afterwards. This effect will precisest for approximately 5 hours. During this time subjects are unable to feel emotions or act illogicallyDon't let him leave the archive..

Certain subjects developed a paranoia afterwards claiming to have seen the other side.
When ever this other side is described the subject recreate the same image.
A world in which all CI personal and even the person itself believes to be long dead.

In case a person under the effect of It's memetic. It kills other memetic effects.the item feels the need that escape the items effect, but is incapable of doing so has to swallow an Emergency-Coma-Pill to prevent heart attacks or suicidesTruth must be hidden. Minds must be erased for the good of the Insurgency..

Further tests of the Items properties are pending approvalThis is a Superposition-Item. Don't measure it or Meta will become real..

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