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22:24 * Meta joined #BaseSix
22:24 +++ set the channel to mode +n
22:24 +++ set the channel to mode +t
23:12 *
Decibelle joined #BaseSix
23:56 Meta deci
23:56 Decibelle hello
23:57 Meta hi
23:57 Meta that was quick
23:57 Meta just finished something
23:57 Meta i
23:58 Meta i have an my one year anniversary comming march 29 and i now finally want to go cannon
23:59 Meta mind giving it a read to see if the sence i wanted to make has not landed on the cutting floor?
00:15 Meta i will just send you the message i send around
00:17 Meta nice to have heard from you
00:17 Meta its already past midnight so i got to go now
00:19 Meta night

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