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Topic set by Cadbury on Wed Aug 19 2015 22:41:10 GMT+0000 (UTC)
19:02 Meta do you trust your local coffee machine?
19:03 Meta if yes than why?
19:04 Meta would you be alarmed if a cooperation you never heard of would replace all of the established machines?
19:05 Meta some people you knew never came back from there coffee break…
19:06 Meta and the police station has recently replaced all personnel…
19:07 Meta the mans refilling the new machines don't talk
19:08 Meta no one knows thees guys
19:08 Meta than came the people who asked questions
19:09 Meta thees guys just never showed up to the meeting you had set up for them
19:09 Meta people are happy…
19:10 Meta the town is down 50% of its population and the police dose not care
19:12 Meta than came the guys with heavy guns from a department you never heard of
19:12 Meta they had a shot out with the police
19:12 Meta the next day everyone was gone
19:13 Meta as were the coffee machines
19:14 Meta the town was burned down in a forest fire last week
19:14 Meta a word of advice
19:15 Meta if you have a new coffee machine in your area pack your bundle and leave
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21:13 Nouva Hello lol
21:15 - Meta is away (Auto away)
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21:18 Meta hi
21:18 -
Meta is back
21:18 Meta thats new
21:18 Meta and unexpected
21:19 Meta and he is at least still here
21:19 Meta normally people run if you cant react in time
21:20 Nouva Yes I live and breath, cant say the same for this site lol
21:20 Meta its a zombie but i am still here
21:20 Meta a virus keeping the show running
21:21 Nouva Well thats good haha hows goes things?
21:21 Meta i have send out two e-mails and have gotten no responce
21:22 Meta cad and cyto seem to be really bissy with stuff
21:22 Meta but i still have plenty to go around
21:22 Nouva Emails are always fun. I prefer Memails, where ijust email myself stuff
21:23 Nouva Do they ever get on here anymore?
21:23 Meta and atleast i have proven a random comment wrong that there always will be more readers than writters
21:23 Meta have not seen them for a while
21:23 Meta they are…
21:24 Meta well…
21:24 Nouva Yeah that tends to happen lol
21:24 Nouva They are what?
21:24 Meta i still haven't given up on them…
21:25 Meta cad is as fare as i understand eye in the sky dead…(UNTILL I GET CAD AND THE GHOAST OUT OF THE ARCHIVE)
21:25 Meta sorry
21:25 Meta key was still stuck
21:26 Nouva Hey thats good, I mean I havent given up on them either. I just decided not to be on the site anymore.
21:26 Nouva Haha well I might send him a PM and tell his ass to get on
21:26 Meta i have scavenged most of the stuff you left laying around
21:27 Nouva Cool cool. I didnt leave a lot though haha
21:27 Meta from the disharmonious guitar to the hellfire incinerator
21:27 Meta its hard to find the stickety stick thou…
21:28 Meta but i still rebooted that thing
21:29 Meta but the last thing i heard from anyone about my work was cads comment on my bloody wings
21:29 Meta and that piece is as stuck in place as my item that describes the sandbox in universe
21:30 Nouva Nice nice, I'll have to check it out then. well I figured I'd hop back on here and see what all has been happening. Its weird how I've made friends on this site. I probably shouldnt have been gon so much
21:30 Nouva Haha
21:31 Meta coming back and than leaving again was kind of a bad move
21:31 Meta you can see the activity bar?
21:31 Nouva Yeah well college took my soul, grounded it into the far reaches of oblivion and spit me out onto the battlefield
21:31 Nouva
21:32 Nouva All I did was check the forums to know nobody gets on lol
21:32 Meta My studies are heavy but not that heavy that i wont move
21:33 Meta me and the Spanish guys and there nova thing are mostly running the show now
21:34 Nouva Nova thing?
21:34 Meta i just told dj a short story about coffee and how to fear it
21:35 Meta the spanish guys have a whole series at there fingertips
21:35 Meta i cant understand it thou…
21:36 Meta if you ever get strandet on an iland which is inhabited but you cant understand anything you know my situation with nova
21:36 Meta
21:37 Meta nona now
21:37 Meta i toled them that the clever name nova can be seen as no va
21:37 Meta which translates to dose not drive
21:38 Meta a really bad name for a car
21:38 Meta but a car with that name really hit the market
21:39 Nouva Okay I understand now lol
21:39 Nouva Alright well I gotta split. Ill try to get back on more frequently Meta. Good to see you again
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Decibelle is now known as Deci|AFK
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22:49 MrSr2bleTlambda hi there !
22:51 Meta hi
22:51 Meta were did you suddenly come from?
22:52 Meta ohh… please……
22:52 Meta my reaction time was almost perfect
22:53 Meta are you still alive?
22:54 Meta new guys don't stand the ruff silence of base six for long but two minutes…
22:54 MrSr2bleTlambda sorry
22:54 Meta for better or for worse…
22:55 MrSr2bleTlambda My short name is Dimitri Lambda
22:55 Meta well at least you don't drop in for 5 minutes say hi and quit
22:55 Meta hi
22:55 Meta dimitri
22:56 Meta its good to see some new faces around
22:56 Meta My current name is Meta Wonderrat
22:56 MrSr2bleTlambda this chat is dead right ?. well i'm member of The Chaos Insurgency the spanish version (yeap more latins, where is the wall ?).
22:57 MrSr2bleTlambda nice to meet you
22:57 Meta the Spanish guys doped in here once…
22:58 Meta told me my English was to bad for them and left
22:59 MrSr2bleTlambda hahahaha lol, which was his name?
22:59 Meta i have nothing aginst the Spanish movement but it would be nice to at least be able to read what they are writing
22:59 Meta don't know anymore
23:00 Meta our chat was just about 15 paragraphs long
23:00 MrSr2bleTlambda yeah sure is the base of our comunication
23:00 *
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23:01 MrSr2bleTlambda we need to know what are we writing right ?
23:01 tesla23 hello
23:01 MrSr2bleTlambda hi
23:01 Meta that comes unexpected
23:02 Meta what are the odes?
23:02 MrSr2bleTlambda idk
23:02 MrSr2bleTlambda holaaaa cabron !
23:02 Meta I have two here in the night i try my hand on summonings
23:02 Meta i should do that more often
23:03 tesla23 suficiente doble t
23:03 Meta first a long dead admin now two others
23:04 Meta and what double t?
23:04 MrSr2bleTlambda meta, how much time do you have in the chaos insurgency ?
23:04 Meta pardon my english…
23:05 MrSr2bleTlambda i have a worst english :c
23:05 Meta i have not seen the old insurgency… I…
23:05 Meta i am not even a year in
23:06 MrSr2bleTlambda seriously ? and where you from ?
23:06 Meta man i feel like a schoolboy suddenly
23:06 Meta germany
23:06 MrSr2bleTlambda lol i'm from chile
23:06 Meta the time dilation in this chat room is extreme
23:06 tesla23 That I am one of the moderators of the Hispanic site
23:07 MrSr2bleTlambda … Sr lambda disconnect
23:07 Meta our admin is from the Philippines and one is surely American
23:08 MrSr2bleTlambda wow that leaves me speechless
23:08 Meta glad to see our sister site is still activ
23:08 Meta we are truly global
23:09 Meta if you check, this chat has a list of where everyone is
23:09 MrSr2bleTlambda "El caos insurgente" still alive because the new proyect nona1
23:09 Meta
23:09 Meta we are really scattered
23:10 Meta i have contributed to that at least a little bit
23:10 Meta wasnt it called nova at some point?
23:11 tesla23 no
23:11 MrSr2bleTlambda hahahaha no
23:11 MrSr2bleTlambda but nova sound better :l
23:12 Meta in the 15 lines i had with my spanish college i toled hi that "no va" would be a bad association
23:13 Meta that someone had called his car series that still is hilarious
23:13 MrSr2bleTlambda we are thiking about new names for the proyect
23:14 Meta if i could understand it i would like to help
23:14 MrSr2bleTlambda i can explain you
23:15 Meta gladly (but i think its called "explain it to you")
23:18 tesla23 claro
23:19 Meta thats one long post he is cooking up
23:19 Meta it would be like me trying to explain zeta or reboot
23:19 tesla23 si por lo visto
23:21 MrSr2bleTlambda the proyect is simple, is a type of division of the chaos insurgency for use meta humans or humanoids with anomalous habilities in missions like: assassination, intelligence operation, Reconnaissance. the members of proyect nona1 always works under contract (for money, security etc) or parol contract. (sorry for my english)
23:21 Meta this is a worrying long post
23:22 Meta worringly
23:22 MrSr2bleTlambda hahahaha lol
23:22 Meta we call it the special assets unit
23:22 Meta and well…
23:23 Meta i have written some guys for that devision
23:24 Meta we have this idea in the cupcake girl and the tree that our admin whats to feed with humans
23:24 MrSr2bleTlambda oh that sound good
23:25 Meta if you still need a villain they are fighting we have that here to…
23:25 Meta that guy has destroyed multipliable good assets…
23:26 Meta and we cannot get a hold on him…
23:26 MrSr2bleTlambda :l
23:28 MrSr2bleTlambda that is basically the proyect, the proyect have other things that complement it, but i can put in words for my knowledge in english
23:29 Meta have you tried Google translate (thats what i use when i am out of words)
23:31 Meta we have a guy who is some kind of hat guy, a natively Americana girl and a stock photo guy that looks like he is having a good time
23:32 Meta i could not completely decode them
23:34 tesla23 photo guy: He is a doppelganger, able to take the form of any human being
23:34 Meta can he be a garden gnome?
23:35 Meta that was the thing my shape shifter did…
23:35 MrSr2bleTlambda well nice to meet you meta, good bye !
23:35 Meta always fitting in no matter the enviroment
23:35 Meta night
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23:36 Meta welcome back
23:36 MrSr2bleTlambda the page reloaded lol
23:36 Meta it dose that
23:36 MrSr2bleTlambda maybe omnisiah
23:37 Meta why would he be…
23:37 Meta if he is so good why hasnt he won the lottery by now…
23:38 MrSr2bleTlambda well good bye, later i will back
23:38 *
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23:38 tesla23 well good bye
23:39 Meta im prpebly back tomorrow its almost one in the morning on my site
23:39 Meta night
23:40 Meta man what a night
23:40 *** tesla23 quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client)
23:41 Meta deci…
23:41 Decibelle oh hello
23:41 Decibelle i didnt even look at this channel
23:41 Meta i go to bed now
23:42 Meta you have missed the epicness
23:42 Decibelle lol
23:42 Decibelle have a good night!
23:42 Meta this is propebly the longest i have helled a conversatin here
23:43 Meta
23:44 Meta night

mon 5 dec 16 20-18

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Topic set by ChanServ on Mon Dec 05 2016 18:34:01 GMT+0100 (CET)
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19:30 DimitriLambda Lok
19:30 DimitriLambda Lol*
19:30 Meta on point
19:30 Meta just came looking
19:30 DimitriLambda hello
19:30 Meta hi
19:31 Meta need
19:31 Meta and again the rock rolls
19:31 Meta what are you up to?
19:32 Meta i just started work on a way to no longer have to worry about information getting out of our heads
19:33 DimitriLambda That sound interesting
19:33 Meta the solution sentient sugar crystals in the brains of all
19:33 Meta just you try read the mind of a rock
19:35 DimitriLambda Ooh that sound hard for me
19:35 Meta it is
19:35 DimitriLambda Maybe with a bit of training
19:36 Meta once you look how many ways to extract information out of someone we have in our arsenal
19:37 Meta you realise that we have a problem once one of the tools goes rouge
19:37 DimitriLambda Something like artificial drowning ?
19:38 DimitriLambda If you dont want to use tools…
19:39 Meta i mean our mindworms
19:39 Meta and that zombie clown stuff i am cooking up
19:40 Meta but sure with normal stuff you would also have a hart time questioning a rock
19:40 DimitriLambda Oh that sound effective
19:41 Meta i was a bit sad when the mind worms came before i could drop the clown zombie hair that tries to gain attention to spreed faster
19:42 Meta who said getting hair into your brain could not be fun for everyone?
19:43 DimitriLambda Hahahahahha its Depend of your point of view
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19:46 DimitriLambda Do you know about the white torture ?
19:46 Meta once you are over the shock you really start creaking jokes and no
19:47 Meta torture has been proven to be ineffective when extracting information
19:48 Meta there are so many ways to make a person go bonkers but not many that keep the spirit up
19:48 DimitriLambda Maybe it can be used for shut down subjects
19:49 Meta i would not apply the sugar to just anyone we don't know if we can fully trust a parasitic rock
19:50 Meta i don't trust the thing more than i have to trust the mind worms
19:51 Meta and since when dose not a teaser do the trick
19:51 Meta just imagine us testing some mindeffecting stuff and suddenly the rock is evil
19:52 DimitriLambda Yeah, suddenly the rock is a agent of SCP foundation with a microphone
19:53 DimitriLambda And you do have a article about this methods ?
19:56 Meta the mind worms are up on the main site and the clown is in my sandbox
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20:01 Meta found them?
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20:11 DimitriLambda maybe i will work with these methods
20:12 Meta i finished the first version of the sugar
20:12 Meta
20:12 Meta it is not tagged for a reason
20:13 Meta its simply not fully polished and clear
20:14 Meta i wrote it like the conspiracy about the liquid denial
20:14 Meta what would you rather belive
20:15 Meta machines seeing water where non is or everyone ignoring the water even if that means drowning
20:21 DimitriLambda I see, this can article just can be used when the mission compromise, right ?
20:22 Meta we throw in sume sugar against the bad nervs and in case things get bad calm down and take your pills
20:23 Meta ironice because sugar pills are the pills a doctor gives you when he cant do anything to help you
20:23 DimitriLambda A placebo ?
20:24 Meta yes but the CI stuff dose more thant nothing
20:24 Meta it is the sugerpill that dose stuff
20:25 Meta how bad can torture be if you have already forgotten that you were in pain
20:25 DimitriLambda I see, this mean a huge advantage in the battle.
20:26 Meta this thing is not a pain killer or a suicide pill, its worse
20:27 Meta but yes… highly effective
20:27 Meta and it would even counter mindworms
20:28 DimitriLambda Calm down, take your pills…and blood for the blood god
20:29 Meta be careful with blood, bloody wings, the human serum, and red mercury all blooditems by me
20:30 Meta ever wanted to become a mumie with your blood hunting your coworkers?
20:30 Meta or be a bit more normal
20:31 Meta i have blood we pressed out of a vengeful god as an atom bomb
20:32 Meta man… i really got to lay of the blooditems, not good for the bloodsugar
20:35 DimitriLambda Hahahahaha, my god is proud of your actions, i need to go but i will comeback
20:36 Meta goodbye
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22:36 Dr_Madison Oh thank god.
22:36 Dr_Madison Someone is actually here I thought I was alone for a moment there, Ha.
22:36 - Meta is away (Auto away)
22:36 Dr_Madison Even if your afk that still makes me happy.
22:54 Meta im here
22:54 -
Meta is back
22:54 Meta welcome
22:55 Meta sorry have finished the chatting about three houers ago
22:56 Meta a man cant stare at nothing for three hours you know
22:56 Meta but if you talk i will come back to it
22:58 Meta 5 hours in chat 4 of witch talking
22:59 Meta when i first came here there were 2 people starring at this wall
22:59 Meta both were autologins
23:00 Meta i thought one of them was a bot for a long time
23:00 Meta got a hold of him the day he purged this channel from his autologin
23:01 Meta deci is a bit behind time but she will pop in most likely in the next hour or so
23:05 Meta gets out some cream and starts smearing it into Dr_Madison s face
23:06 Meta lets see how well this sticks
23:06 * Decibelle joined #BaseSix
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23:06 Meta right on time
23:06 Dr_Madison Hey!
23:06 Dr_Madison What is up Meta?
23:07 Meta told you she would be here
23:07 Decibelle ???
23:07 Decibelle hello
23:07 Meta hides the face cream
23:07 Dr_Madison Hi.
23:07 Meta sorry about your face
23:08 Meta don't touch it
23:08 Meta this stuff stiks
23:08 Meta and like this we are ready
23:08 Dr_Madison I believe I have not been properly introduced I am Dr_Madison (I know I did not get the memo to include Dr in your name) I am that faggot that always applies but can never get anywhere.
23:09 Meta Well im the guy that treated the admin like a bot the first time i applied
23:10 Dr_Madison Did you ever succeed?
23:10 Meta but sorry kid, cad is dead
23:10 Meta i got in
23:10 Meta the admin leaf
23:10 Dr_Madison I actually just got denied yesterday.
23:11 Meta are you underage or something
23:11 Dr_Madison Nope
23:11 Dr_Madison I read all the guides.
23:11 Dr_Madison And wrote my application in a neat format.
23:11 Meta have you told an admin to stuff stuff up his or her …
23:11 Dr_Madison I honestly do not see what the admin saw.
23:12 Dr_Madison Nope.
23:12 Meta that could be a problem
23:12 Dr_Madison Wait.
23:12 Meta do you know who denied you
23:12 Dr_Madison Body?
23:12 Dr_Madison Is that the guy?
23:12 Meta what body
23:13 Meta we have cad and some of the old admins that are basically rock
23:13 Dr_Madison Welp there goes my chances.
23:13 Dr_Madison The Foundation wont take me either.
23:13 Meta deci do you have a hand in this
23:14 Meta is he on some ban list
23:14 Dr_Madison Nope
23:14 Dr_Madison I am not.
23:14 Meta i don't believe you would know all of 05s banlists
23:15 Meta have you tried the site 17 chat
23:15 Dr_Madison Yup.
23:15 Dr_Madison They deny me.
23:15 Meta why
23:15 Decibelle what
23:15 Decibelle ive literally never seen your name before
23:16 Dr_Madison In this chat?
23:16 Meta than he is at least not on an scp watchlist
23:16 Decibelle in any chat
23:16 Dr_Madison Well I do know who you are Deci.
23:17 Decibelle my dude, a lot of people who browse the scp wiki do
23:17 Meta deci, mad, take this to site 17 and get this guy a badge
23:17 Dr_Madison Wait.
23:17 Dr_Madison Deci.
23:17 Dr_Madison I must inform you my name though.
23:17 Dr_Madison Ruxan is the name.
23:17 Decibelle oh, right
23:18 Dr_Madison Not Dr_Madison, Ruxan is my main account.
23:18 Decibelle well, hello then
23:18 Dr_Madison Hello.
23:18 Meta should i stop caLling you a guy?
23:18 Decibelle well im not a guy so obviously dont call me one lol
23:19 Dr_Madison By the way.
23:19 Meta if you two go to site17 tell me before leaving
23:19 Dr_Madison If any of you where in Site 19 the other night I got pissed.
23:19 Dr_Madison I found out about Dr. Cool.
23:20 Decibelle i dont go to site19 anymore but ive heard about it. and i hope that means youre not going to get yourself banned again
23:20 Dr_Madison What I got banned for is a misunderstanding.
23:20 Dr_Madison I wanted to clarify a line between decency and indecency.
23:20 Decibelle im literally not interested in having this convo for the second time
23:21 Decibelle just as long as you dont keep getting yourself banned its w/e
23:21 Meta im only in site 17 if i have problems site 19 is locked for me no mobit account
23:21 Dr_Madison Me neither.
23:21 Meta what happend
23:21 Decibelle Meta: you need to register your irc nick to be in site19
23:21 Meta i asked you if you pissed of an admin
23:22 Meta but i dont want a mibbit account
23:22 Dr_Madison Here is what pisses me off.
23:22 Decibelle you dont need to make a mibbit account
23:22 Decibelle you just need to register your irc nick. thats done through the server
23:22 Dr_Madison A OC SCP character named Dr. Cool.
23:22 Meta the site said so
23:22 Dr_Madison That pisses me off so much.
23:23 Meta if oc doctor cool was good then it was good
23:23 Dr_Madison "Supreme Commander of 05 and MTF" and 05-12/
23:23 Decibelle Meta: you do not understand then cause its not what the site says
23:23 Decibelle Dr_Madison: where is this Dr Cool you speak of
23:23 Dr_Madison Meta.
23:23 Dr_Madison Deci it is this character made by a fan of SCP.
23:23 Dr_Madison He is 05-12.
23:23 Dr_Madison Which we have a 05-12 I may remind you.
23:23 Decibelle where is this character?
23:24 Meta i am the guy that said every idiot should come into the ci
23:24 Meta im the mind behind zeta
23:24 Meta there is nothing to over the top
23:24 Dr_Madison He is a Yotuber that made a character that is the Supreme overlord of MTF and 05.
23:24 Decibelle oh, a youtube thing
23:24 Dr_Madison Yes.
23:24 Decibelle then no need to get pissed off about it
23:24 Dr_Madison But here is the thing.
23:24 Dr_Madison Cyrus is not getting the love thoug :'(
23:25 Dr_Madison *Though.
23:25 *
tesla23 joined #BaseSix
23:25 Decibelle now whos cyrus
23:25 Dr_Madison Cyrus013.
23:25 Meta the whole thing is getting rediculus
23:25 Decibelle an author whos not been on the site since 2008.
23:25 Decibelle ok
23:25 Decibelle i agree meta
23:25 Dr_Madison Yeah.
23:25 Meta you pissed of badrock
23:26 Meta thats worse than pissing of an admin
23:26 Decibelle theres only one thing cyrus has written thats stuck around, and its only stuck around because someone else rewrote it
23:26 Meta badrock is badrock
23:26 Dr_Madison What ever happened to Cyrus?
23:27 Meta thees communities grow around cells and those have roots
23:27 Dr_Madison Is he just really inactive?
23:27 tesla23 loa
23:27 Decibelle Dr_Madison: yes. in all likelihood, he probably doesnt even remember the site
23:27 tesla23 hello
23:27 Meta tesla i would bring you up to speed but i dont know the speed
23:28 Meta we got someone with a problem
23:28 Meta the problem lies with the admins and you know where they are
23:28 Decibelle none of this is even an issue lol
23:29 Dr_Madison Anyways I am just waiting for my fourth application to the Site to be reviewed and my second application for the CI to be reviewed.
23:29 Dr_Madison So PM me if you need me.
23:29 Meta then get that kid his her keys
23:29 Dr_Madison Not that you will.
23:29 tesla23 We already have admin
23:29 Meta is he reactivated
23:30 Meta admins have become rare
23:30 Meta or is this the old door rutine were they are here as soon as i leave the room
23:31 Dr_Madison Meta they have became rare because it is all about SCP,
23:32 tesla23 I can speak Spanish?
23:32 Decibelle i cant type spanish but i understand a little bit
23:33 Dr_Madison I mean Deci?
23:33 tesla23 ok
23:33 Dr_Madison Who has a say in the applications?
23:33 Decibelle Dr_Madison: the admins do
23:33 Decibelle of the ci wiki or the scp wiki
23:33 Decibelle im not an admin of either
23:33 Dr_Madison And God knows they are rare.
23:33 Meta yes i do
23:34 tesla23 ayer hablamos con cadeceus en nuestr chat y soluciono nuestro problema con los admins
23:34 Meta i brought it up
23:34 Decibelle yes, admins are not around often, and they dont check applications literally every single moment
23:34 Decibelle if you want one checked ask in 17 to have it checked
23:34 Meta have you said the secret password
23:34 Decibelle yea, cad sometimes does come on but
23:35 Decibelle i dont know where he is or what his schedule is
23:35 Dr_Madison Wait?
23:35 Decibelle i had to PM him about a wikidot issue and he hasnt answered me yet
23:35 Dr_Madison Deci just ask in Site 17 to get it checked?
23:35 Decibelle Dr_Madison: how long have you been waiting on your application?
23:36 Dr_Madison 2 days.
23:36 Meta whhhho
23:36 Decibelle eh, yeah, you could head into 17 and ask
23:36 Dr_Madison Alright.
23:36 tesla23 alguien me explica que esta pasando aqui
23:36 Meta gets out a stick
23:37 Decibelle tesla23: Dr_Madison is talking about not being accepted to the scp wiki yet because hes been waiting on his application to be accepted
23:37 Meta this is getting out of hand
23:38 Meta is catapulted into the air by a tree exploding out of the stick
23:38 Meta but im above it
23:39 Meta installs a swing and starts swinging
23:40 Meta that is great
23:40 Decibelle also meta roleplays to fill the silence lol
23:40 Meta i dont let there be silence
23:41 Dr_Madison Meta.
23:41 Meta la situation is una nueva member no es inside la regista of the scp peoplos
23:42 Meta here
23:42 * DimitriLambda joined #BaseSix
23:43 Meta more friends
23:43 DimitriLambda Cyka
23:43 Meta the party never stops once the clock nears midnight
23:44 DimitriLambda The time here's 19:44 PM
23:44 Meta this really rolls
23:44 Meta im 15 minutes before midnight
23:44 Meta welcome back
23:45 DimitriLambda Thanka
23:45 Dr_Madison Yeah Decibelle it does not work.
23:45 DimitriLambda Thanks*
23:45 Decibelle Dr_Madison: youve literally be in there for like
23:45 Decibelle a few min
23:45 Meta it works until you are on a banlist
23:45 Meta not
23:45 Decibelle meta you have zero idea what youre talking about
23:46 Meta what gave it away
23:46 DimitriLambda :l
23:48 Meta the process of sighing up is one i try to avoid, but when i got my turn i was in second try
23:49 Meta but i was a clean slate, fresh wikidot account and only a member of the ci
23:49 Meta soooooo
23:49 DimitriLambda Fake account ?, or secondary account ?
23:49 Meta i think they just leaved…
23:50 Meta no really first account
23:50 DimitriLambda I see
23:50 Meta the name meta was first seen that day
23:51 Meta 251 days ago
23:51 Meta just checked
23:52 *
DimitriLambda quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client)
23:52 Meta i made a sandbox, got shoot down and only wrote for fun ever since
23:53 Dr_Madison Fuck.
23:53 Dr_Madison Denied once more.
23:54 Dr_Madison And not even explained why.
23:54 Decibelle "[17:46] <&TroyL> Application denied: Please reread the Join This Site page and the Guides to see why."
23:54 Decibelle theres an explanation
23:54 Meta password
23:54 Meta not old enough
23:55 Meta or just bad form
23:55 Meta give me the exact text you send
23:55 Meta i know thees guids in and out
23:55 Decibelle not as much as i do
23:56 Meta read them about 7 times before my first application
23:56 Meta then lets look at this application and tell the kid what went wrong
23:57 Meta give me some thing to work with
23:57 Meta i dont have much longer
23:57 Meta i cant run on 4 hours sleep per night but i want to help
23:58 Decibelle meta just go to bed
23:58 Meta you have this?
23:58 Decibelle yeah
23:58 Dr_Madison I dont need anymore help.
23:58 Dr_Madison I am just giving up.
23:59 Meta keep the ball rolling
23:59 Decibelle literally the only reason why i can think of you being denied is because you didnt include the passcode
23:59 Dr_Madison Wait.
23:59 Meta art dose not stay dead
23:59 Dr_Madison Say that once more?
23:59 Meta zombie art
00:00 Meta password
00:00 Decibelle ill copy from the Join the Site page:
00:00 Decibelle "Please submit an application containing the Site Passcode below. If you still don't know the Site Passcode, then read the Guide for Newbies, and you will find instructions letting you know what to do."
00:00 Meta its in there
00:00 Meta i need to go
00:00 Meta i said password hours ago
00:01 Meta good night
00:01 Dr_Madison Oh.
00:01 Dr_Madison Well then.

after this i leaved.
i will ask about the aftermath later.

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