DeCIRO Catalogued Number: SC-001/011

Document Type: Step Compilation

Dates Received: 28/10/2998 through 20/01/2011

Operation Status: Open

Foreword: Subject 112 (SCP-112) is a children’s nightlight in the design of a stylized shooting star. No manufacturers mark is present on or within subject 122's components. When in an powered state, subject 112 will affect all subjects within a 500 m radius of its location. When the subjects enter REM sleep, they will move into a comatose state in which they will remain until subject 122 is resupplied with power. Delta command feels the need to obtain the subject because of it's combat capabilities, the subject could be used to bypass entire areas of SCP security areas once enough research is conducted and Chaos Insurgency gains the ability to be immune to it's abilities.

Hereafter we of Delta Command document the Steps of the Plan as transcribed by the Engineer of the Chaos Insurgency.

1. STEP 00/01

On October the 7th, military cell force Charlie-3 is to infiltrate SCP containment Area-2 and obtain Subject 112 (SCP-112). The target will be located in the western Heavy containment area locked under lv.4 clearance. The team will undertake the guise of SCP Agent James Carter, Agent Christopher Barrie, Agent Monica Jackson & Special-Agent-in-Command Michael Bowers, the agents are all level 3 cleared and SAiC Michael is level 4.

2. STEP 01/01

Research is to be conducted by R&D cell into Subject 112 to find out what the extent the effect of subject 112's ability is and to find a way to become immune to the subject if possible. Expendable units from cells 9-A to 10-F are authorized for use during this step.

3. STEP 06-09/011

If Step 01/01 shows negative and an immunity is not developed, see Covert Op plan CO-018-007, if the step shows positive Military cell team Foxtrot-9 is to commence with operation "MOONSHADOW". Operation MOONSHADOW is a raid operation to be undertaken on SCP containment Area-14 to retrieve all SCPs and take them to CI-39 (Biological containment).

4. STEP 09/022

On June the 3rd, military cell team Foxtrot-9 will attack SPC containment Area-14 with the assistance of subject 112. The team will be using whatever safety gear/medical drugs that are supplied by R&D cell to counteract the effects of subject 112. A designated team member will be holding the subject, putting all SCP security personnel to sleep. When the team is 5 kilometers away, the subject is to be re powered for transport to CI-18.

5. STEP 09/033

Subjects contained during the raid will be contained and studied for militaristic value by select members of the R&D cell. All subjects are to be sealed under F clearance.

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