A Normal Lamp
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Item: "A Normal Lamp"
Type: Potential Mind Torture Item
Potential/Current Hazards Potential Mind Affection
Required Wear/Weaponry Standard Protection Gear, but heavy-duty gloves must be worn if working with the item.
Location: Stolen Mass Storage Base: Twelve

Item is currently being tested for possible use as the following.

  • Ensured loyalty device
  • Double agent creation against our enemies
  • Torture device

When handling the item, extra care must also be taken, so the handler does not get affected by it's anomalous ability.

The item is a lamp proven to be from Arabian creation. The item is locked in a High-Value Storage Container with a electromagnetic lock, requiring at least a black-level keycard to access it, with at least two armed guards watching it at all times. The item is also wrapped in an inch of plastic, only to be removed for testing.

The item is to be requested two days before testing, and three Gamma-Level researchers working with the item must approve the request.

The item is a potential mind hazard, as it affects the mind of people, making their strongest desire, if any, will be granted by the lamp, if they serve it. Most often, they claim that doing their strongest desire is how they serve the lamp. However, the lamp has been shown not to be sentient, sapient, or alive. When the lamp is opened, it is revealed to have nothing inside of it.

Experiment Log 345-01

Subject: S-33421, a noted pacifist.
Greatest Desire: "To get out of this place."
Results: S-33421 was exposed to the lamp, and sat down for twenty minutes, nodding excitedly while listening to nothing.
Post Experiment Notes: After the experiment, when S-33421 was separated from the item, he assaulted a security officer, before being shot in the knees twice. S-33421 was used for another experiment shortly.

Subject: S-42131, noted Adrenaline Junky.
Greatest Desire: "To feel an adrenaline rush like no other."
Results: S-42131, upon coming into contact with the item, started screaming in a manner similar to an infant for twelve minutes. When security entered to sedate her, S-42131 attempted to steal Officer [REDACTED]'s gun. Upon this attempt, Officer [REDACTED] knocked her unconscious with his gun.
Post Experiment Notes: S-42131 was locked in a soundproof room for two days. On the third day, she was found expired by blunt force trauma to the head.

Subject: S-56331, noted Serial Killer.
Greatest Desire: "To have a family that loved me."
Results: S-56331, upon exposure to the item, stood still for five minutes, then nodded. Examination showed no effects to his mental state.
Post Experiment Notes: A week after the experiment, S-56331 was found in his cell, with two other subjects, S-56331 had a improvised shank in his hands. He was found acting as if they were his children. Onsite security was alerted, and S-56331 was sedated and questioned. See Interview Log 345-001.

With these experiments, I think it's safe to theorize the item enhances and twists the desires of those it touches, making them want to harm or threaten people. - Doctor Salf

Experiment Log 345-02

Subject: S-33421, interacted with item in past, currently in wheelchair.

Interacting with: Replica of item with sand inside.
Results: S-33421 opened the replica to find sand, and accused all watching through the glass of harming the item. S-33421 attempted to break the glass, before being sedated.

Interacting with: Replica of item with cockroaches and grasshoppers inside.
Results: S-33421 opened the replica, devouring the cockroaches, but leaving the grasshoppers. When questioned on this, S-33421 responded with, "The grasshoppers are signs of his pleasure with my service. The cockroaches were part of my reward."

Interacting with: Replica of item with nothing inside.
Results: S-33421 opened the replica, looked inside, then closed it again, stating, "He needs more service." S-33421 then attempted to assault a security officer, before being sedated.

Interacting with: Replica of item with wine inside.
Results: S-33421 opened the replica, and drank the wine, stating that it was the best wine he ever had.

Interacting with: Replica of item with tea inside.
Results: S-33421 opened the replica, tasted the tea, then pounded on the window. Security entered to sedate him, but he attempted to kill Officer [REDACTED] by strangulation, however Officer [REDACTED] quickly dispatched S-33421.

Doctor ██████ has a replica of the lamp, to ensure cooperation from S-56331.

Interview Log 345-001

Interviewer: Doctor ██████
Interviewee: S-56331
Doctor ██████: How do you feel right now?
S-56331: Stressed. I need to return to serving the lamp.
Doctor ██████: This interview is "serving it."
S-56331: Fine.
Doctor ██████: Why are you stressed?
S-56331: I must fulfill my end of the bargain.
Doctor ██████: What bargain?
S-56331: For giving me a family, I must return the favor to the lamp.
Doctor ██████: What makes you think the lamp did that on purpose?
S-56331 thinks for a while.
S-56331: The lamp granted my family I wished for, that is how I know.
Doctor ██████: We've served the lamp longer, does that make us your boss?
S-56331: The ones who serve the lamp only serve the lamp. Not each other.
Doctor ██████: Do you believe the lamp sees you as worthy?
S-56331: No. The lamp just pitied me.
Doctor ██████: If the lamp saw you as worthy, what would you do?
S-56331: I would find more ones to serve the lamp.
Doctor ██████: Thank you, this concludes our interview for now.

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