The Buldir Island Incident

A CI bioweapon facility
First contact with the Church of the Broken God

Instilling Headphones

a set of headphones that causes emotion when attached to a device and used to play music

Chain Reactions

A man opens a laptop in a darkened room. A message appears: "large GOC convoy containing 4 important PSYKE ambassadors arrives in Sahara." Underneath is a garbled message running for half a page underneath. The man sends it to a laptop in Berlin.

Another man is woken by his phone ringing. Reading through the message, he runs the encrypted code through all known GOC ciphers. When his phone comes up negative, he sends it to 50 select people, and then went back to sleep.

50 students around the globe are suddenly notified: Break The Encryption.
50 students begin working on the code.
90 minutes later, the message is laid before them, but they do not read it. There is no need for them to know.
They send it to the first man, waiting in his darkened room.

Aleph Tango

A young man, no more than 20 of age, enters the base 1 gates

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