Mr. Emperson

Investigative Report: TKIA-882

Lead Investigator: Mr. Emperson

Assistant Investigator: Dr. T █████

Investigation Status: Active

Date of last edit: 02/26/03

Incident Summary:

On December 6th 200█, the six member Rapid Response Assistance Team: 882 embarked on a mission to seize the former SCP Foundation Site-12 after reports came in stating that several SCP artifacts were left there when the site was evacuated following the 2001 "Renegade Raid" by the Insurgency that killed the majority of the site's staff and captured all of the site's anomalies with the exception of SCP- ████. The mission was led by 882's commander, Captain █████.

The mission began at 2200 hours on the morning of December 6th when the team was dropped onto the roof of the site with no retaliation by the Foundation guards monitoring the site who were at this time, unaware of the 882's arrival. at 2206, The team then made first contact with SCP- ████, the SCP was found in what appeared to be the site's cafeteria. The SCP was secured by 882 within 5 minutes of discovery with very little effort. Following this, Captain █████ opted to stay and guard SCP- ████ while the rest of the team continued to search the site for any potential weapons or resources that could be used by the insurgency. five minutes later at 2216, gunfire was exchanged between team 882 and a squad of SCP Foundation personnel who were at this time now aware of the team's presence.

The final radio contact between Rapid Response Assistance Team: 882 and Chaos Insurgency officials was at 2230. three minutes later, Captain █████ was seen emerging onto the roof of Site- 12 by an Insurgency drone that was flying over that area. A rescue team was quickly formed and Captain █████ was recovered just over 10 minutes later with the loss of two additional Insurgency personnel bringing the final death toll to eight insurgency personnel with seven additional fatalities on the Foundation side. Upon his return to Insurgency personnel, the captain was taken to Medical Ward Alpha 3 where he was interrogated by interrogations specialist Mr. ██████ Empson. The transcript of this interrogation as well as the information obtained through it are still pending declassification.

Following his interrogation, Captain █████ was transferred to the Medical Ward's observation department where he received a full physical and psychological examination. as of the time of this report, Captain █████ remains in Medical Ward Alpha 3 under the supervision of medical doctor and assistant investigator, Dr. T.

Footnote- Dr. T: After close medical examination of Captain █████, I believe that he is fit to continue working and ask that he be brought back into service as soon as possible.
Footnote- Dr. T: Under order of Admiral ██████████, Captain █████ is to remain in Medical Ward Alpha- 3 until the conclusion of this investigation.

Investigative information:

Following this incident, suspicion immediately arose as to why this mission was carried out with such a small amount of man power as well as to the reason why Site-12 was so under guarded. These questions are still being investigated and a formal inquire is scheduled for July 5th 2003.

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