Mort Codex

Active teams

M.O.R.T Hotel-02: "The Murderous Doves"

Hotel-02 (The Murderous Doves) is a very versatile intervention team thanks to the two sections within this team. The main purpose of Team A (white doves) is to solve dangerous situations by negotiating with the people concerned if this does not work then Team B (black doves) is sent. Unlike Team A, Team B1 specializes in infiltrating high-risk areas, killing targets in complete discretion and releasing hostages.

Inactive teams

M.O.R.T Sierra-05: "The Eyes of The Sea"

Sierra-05 (The Eyes of The Sea) is a unit that had demonstrated strong skills in searching for abnormal objects in the marine environment, however, the team is inactive following the entire team's death in an unusual accident.

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