Miranda room
Mr. Rabbit
Size: 1.7 meters height, 62 kg weight
Defining Characteristics: wears a rabbit mask at all times and leather gloves
Psychological Evaluations:
Physical Evaluation: many scars on hands and face
Living: Yes
Sentient: Yes
Location: Base Five
Current Duties: Teal Operative █ (Special Assets)

Photo of Mr. Rabbit at the end of one of his special sessions


Mr. Rabbit is currently assigned to the interrogation of individuals who have been captured by the Chaos Insurrection and more precisely to torture sessions.


Mr. rabbit is a man of unknown age who permanently wears a black trench coat and leather gloves, for a reason that is still unknown, these clothes seem to have grown on the body of the entity over time, and are now almost indistinct from the shape below.
But X-rays have indicated that Mr. Rabbit does have a humanoid bone structure under his outer layer.

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