Dr.Salf's Presentation, "Mind affectors and how to resist them."

"Morning, welcome to my presentation. As you all know, we are at half capacity because of the Virus. Now, please, pass the bag around and put some money in."

"Having trouble with passing the bag? I lied. We're at quarter capacity, the rest are holograms."

"Don't look at me that way, I get your annoyed, but we're only at 1/8th capacity, now put the bag under your seat, and get your gun ready. We're moving. We got to hunt down the escaped mind-affector."

"What do you mean you don't understand what's going on? We're both Item Retrieval Operatives, and we're going to recapture a new item that hasn't been studied much yet."

"Alright Doctor, we need you to perform the surgery! If you don't perform it right, this man will die! Okay, cut there and there…"

"Alright Mr. President, what will be your first executive order? We have many problems in this country that need your assistance!"

"Son, your finally home from the army! I'm so glad you lived, and got a medal of honor! What's that? Your an orphan?"

"What? I don't understand you, what do you want from me? I'm trying to make this fantasy enjoyable for you. What do you want? Are you a family man, do you have a crush on someone? I'm trying to help you, I really am."

"Silent treatment, eh? Just tell me what you want, and you'll get it."

"You can get literally anything in the multiverse you want! Do you want to be a famous actor? Do you want to be a billionaire? A trillionaire? Work with me here, you'll be happy in this fantasy!"

"I can't work with you! JUST. LET. ME. IN! To hell with this, I'm done with you!

"He's awake. The item must've been unable to do anything to them. Well, what did you see in the dream you had, sir?"

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