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A collection of my work containing some necessary stories to understand me and my insurgency.
Every other story radiates out from here.

  • Welcome to the box (Metas Origens/Meterpic)
  • The knights of progress (the forgotten war of 2016)
  • Meta reboot/operation Hermes (the story of holder/the forgotten war of 1950)

Plots only begun by this collection are concluded or at least under work in my other sandboxes, but they are not essential to understanding the story I tried to tell.

If something is missing tell me, chances are it´s in some other sandbox.

I would like to finally have something on the main side and now with my one year anniversary coming up on the 29th of march I hope I can tell my story.

I am Meta Wonderrat of the Chaos Insurgency, the Sandbox Knight.

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