Meta Reboot

If i don't move in, we can't move in.
More goes in than goes out, but something must go in.
To make more quality products there need to be material and i am willing to provide.
Its not the big comeback i have pictured but its something.

Dreams not yet real.
The old cast in new roles.
Site Zeta is no longer a part of planed events.
I now play inception, meterpic is a paralel dimension to the zeta universe, which is a dream produced by an artiefact of Metapic, with is in the real world.

Before you go into this, I highly recommend working on improving your English some more. This isn't an insult to you, but genuine advice for you to become clearer and more coherent in your writing as well as getting across your thoughts and ideas easier. I can only do so much to help you out here with this. You need to take the initiative the rest of the way to improve. I also don't know the CI format well enough so I won't be correcting much of that. My notes explaining corrections will be in footnotes.

From here on out i´ll put things that ether happened around Holder and the war of 1950 or stuff that was around since than here.
My current sandbox is "afterwar" but that thing is already crowded so i´ll put some stuff in older sandboxes

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