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Now accessing standard personnel file [135201] that spells Meta

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Name: They don't have a clue
Size: 1.9 meters , when I keep my legs at default
Type: Caretaker more appropriate than you think
Year of recruitment: 2013 I joined in 2016, but they don't need to know.
Clarence: Delta Omega
Potential/Current Tasks General maintenance of non containment areas, Portie, cleaning holding the Base
Required Wear/Weaponry Standardized Caretaker uniform (white) (red, when in restricted areas), standard toolkit [1], extended standard toolkit [1]
Location: Base Six and where ever something is
Reported Anomaly: Seemingly never leaves the facility, works wearing a Cylinder (white) [approved] and a tie (red) [approved], reveres to himself as "The Ghost of Base Six" and "Meta WonderratMeta Wonderrat"

Has been briefed on/worked with (Non of them knows why. They all think someone else did it.)

  • Sour Wine


Has knowledge about How would I even know this? Something, something, syntax magic.

  • Candles on Asphalt


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