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Members of the Insurgency, by the Insurgency, for the Insurgency, shall not be erased from this plane of existence unless necessary. The new millennia dawns on the age of man.

For years the old insurgency had toiled and languished since its original conception. We started with lofty ideals, to create an age of ultimate enlightenment and to finally wrest humanity from the dreary slumber of stupidity. The goals set were noble yes, but our predecessors failed miserably in obtaining those goals. They also didn't realize just how stupid heralding an entire species of human vermin's "ultimate enlightenment" is.

Why? Because they forgot the difficulty of moulding men like a material object subject to the environment. Despite what radical intellectuals think, men are an emotional entity possessing of a soul. Our predecessors worked on men like artists would on marble or metal. But man is harder than granite and less malleable than steel. The artists failed producing only aberrations and rejects.

What were the goals our predecessors strived for?, what goals will we (the inheritors) strive for? What ideals allow us to sacrifice countless lives without so much as batting an eye? The answer is simple. I shall answer it with another question; What is it that man craves above anything else? Not money, that is a means to but not an end. What man craves are not material desires but what those materials grant him over others.


What exactly is power? Power by definition is: "The capacity or ability to direct or influence the behaviour of others or the course of events." To be able to manipulate the environment and other humans and shape them into your own image and vision. In my summation, how I can make you jump off a cliff willingly.

People fear the word "Power" and try to avoid it when possible in the culture of democracy. We talk about how "power corrupts", shrouding the word with evil associations. Be it in Greek Mythology or dictatorships, power has negative connotations across history. Yet like drugs or alcohol we still seek it because it is irresistible. It's in our inherent nature to dominate, conquer and destroy. But how does one obtain power, especially over something as chaotic and messy as the human race?

The way we obtain power over others is to be aware of what power is within our control than withhold that knowledge from the idiot masses underneath us. If people are unaware of how power works and how to utilize it, this allows the few of us who do know about power to fill in the large void left by the stupid masses. That is why we withhold our knowledge thus far, do you understand? This is why we can never share our knowledge with the world.

This is how we will dominate and remake the world in our own image. In order to inherit the world we should not be meek but be bold in our ventures. In order to solidify our base of power, the clueless sheep, the idiot masses cannot awaken and acquire the knowledge of power that we possess. The more ignorant they are, the easier they are to indoctrinate. Let us continue to grow in the shadows, let us continue to occupy a disproportionate ratio of knowledge.

Knowledge is Power and Power is Knowledge.

That is the meaning of power.
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