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Item: "Disharmonious Guitar"
Size: 39 inches long, 20 inches at widest point
Type: Anomalous Instrument
Usage Precautions: All personal when listening to this item's sound in any format must wear protective ear guards
Handling Precautions: All personal should be aware that the item is likely fragile, due to the wooden body
Location: [CLASSIFIED]

Due to the nature of the item (it being a guitar) it is difficult to transport the item from point A to point B. Thus, if used in any mission, an MP3 file is to be played instead. Any personnel on a mission involving this item must wear some form of device to block out the sound created. If one is recording the anomaly, one must simply use the guitar as if it is a normal instrument.

The object is a black guitar, approximately 4.5 feet long, and at its widest point, 2 feet wide. The strings are made of a copper/iron alloy. The guitar itself seems to be made of wood, however, data concerning it's material make up is at best little known.

When any of the strings are played from, a very loud, shrill noise is emitted from the item. This shrill noise, though harmless if exposed to for under six seconds, is capable of dangerous biological effects. At 7 seconds of exposure, the subject begins to bleed from the ears from the blood vessels bursting. At 10 seconds, the linings of organs and inside of the subject's mouth and nose bleed as well. Within 25 seconds, the subject's organs are totally liquefied and the subject dies. Animals seem to be affected as well as humans.

This effect only manifests if the subject hears the noise produced by the item. The effects of structures seems to be nil, though research is still being done to determine if that is the case.

New research indicates that some forms of electronics can be affected, such as batteries, which will crack and "bleed" much like a living subject.

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