Lucky-77 Ammunition
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Item: Lucky-77 Ammunition
Size: Varies, but conforms to standard bullet sizes (.357, .44 Magnum, .22 Long, etc.)
Sentient: Yes
Potential Hazards Long-term exposure due to proximity or short-term physical contact causes delusions and psychosis
Required Wear Gloves must be worn when handling at all times
Location: All ammunition should be relocated to Facility ██████████


Lucky-77 Ammunition (hereby named "L77") is loaded and fired out of a compatible firearm like any other bullet. Physical contact and exposure should be as limited as possible, including during transport. L77 requires no special maintenance, but should not be used without written permission from Gamma-class or higher personnel.


L77 ammunition is a rare type of ammunition found scattered throughout various boxes of various calibers. Occasionally, purchasers of a sealed box of bullets will find a single bullet of that type in a bright, golden shell with the brand name etched into the side in elegant script. The bullets are of unidentified source of manufacture and have been reported to be found globally, though a majority have been discovered in the continental United States.

These bullets function just as regular ammunition of its type, albeit with far more devastating results. The ammunition seeks its target infallibly, making even the most novice of marksmen hit seemingly impossible targets. In various tests1 with the ammunition, the marksman need not even look at his/her target, merely envision what he/she wants to hit.

Dissection of these bullets has found radical inconsistencies with other types of ammunition. Grain seems to be random in each L77 bullet, with impractical weight being a common trend when reverse engineering2 the ammunition. The bullets are shaped slightly asymmetrically, light/heavy on gunpowder, or even lacking in effective primer which demonstrates an amateur assembly. However poorly L77 bullets appear to look upon physical inspection, they are always unparalleled in performance. They also entirely fail to fire when re-assembled, even if no components have mishandled or modified.

Bullets seek out vitals or weak parts of the target or structure being fired upon. They unerringly move towards the user's target and leave incredible amounts of damage despite their caliber. Even in cases of .22 Long, the target of L77 bullets seem to detonate from the kinetic force behind the round.

The most worrisome aspect of using this ammunition is partially its scarcity and partially its latent desire to be used. Once introduced into the unsuspecting and unprotected hands of a consumer, L77 is heard "whispering"3 to its user. Interviewed agents who have experienced prolonged contact with the ammunition report feeling anxious, eagerness to use the bullet, and eventually devolving into violent outbursts interspersed with brief periods of melancholy or apathy.

Each L77 bullet is to be handled with care and never loaded into a firearm. There are reports, though rare, of bullets firing off seemingly without a strike to its primer, therefore durable bulletproof gloves are highly recommended to agents who wish to keep their extremities intact while transporting L77. Bullets are to be kept in a leaden canister which is then stored in a standard ammo box. Ammo boxes containing specimens of L77 are to be kept locked away with at least one guard standing watch at all times over the storage area4.

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