Ozor's Uniform
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VERSION FROM ██/04/2011.

Ozor's Uniform has been retired for undetermined time from the Item Arsenal. The following document has been kept for archival purposes.

Item Ozor's Uniform
Type Combat Uniform
Alive No
Sentient No
Potential/Current Hazards Temporary emotional disarray, temporary or permanent sterility, temporary Intermittent Explosive Disorder
Required Wear/Weaponry Automatic Rifles, Military Combat Knive, Tactical Vest for the wearer
Location Base-02, currently assigned to agent "Ozor"


The Wearer should be in good physical condition. Besides daily exercise sessions, the Wearer is required to sleep nine (9) hours the night before donning the uniform. Her diet must consist of starch and 35 centilitres (35 cl) of milk per meal. Should she miss out on a meal, she must compensate it with the next.

Ozor's Uniform supports the stability of the Insurgency in various developing and underdeveloped countries during operation. This means militia assaults, political assassinations, capture of occupied areas — usually by civilians — and occasionally keeping hostile GoI at bay.

Should the Uniform be damaged, it must be repaired by an Umbra agent with in-depth knowledge of historical sewing. Any non-anomalous fabric may be used; the string must be soaked with a mixture of

  • Distilled Water (46 %)
  • The blood of three (3) different humans (33 %)1
  • Animal cerebrospinal fluid (21 %)


Ozor's Uniform is an integrated combination. It is one-hundred-sixty-five centimetres (165 cm) high has a chest girth of 110B , sugegsting that it is specially intended for women. It is composed of black fabric, grey plates2 made from EVA foam, with anomalous resistance to bullets and cold weapons. It features a hood and a grey skull design, which are most likely cosmetic.

It is currently assigned to agent "Ozor". In-between operations, it has to be stored in a conventional locker. Clearance for deployment of the Uniform must be given by the responsible Operation Coordinators (COs) of Base-02.

When worn by a person in good condition, Ozor's Uniform influences the production of certain neurotransmitters within the body, most of which could not be identified to date. Amongst the identified are dopamine, adrenaline and noradrenaline, which affect attention and emotion, or are, in the case of adrenaline, released by stressful situations. Presumably, the released doses are changed during actual combat. Small amounts of Alpha-PVP3, a synthetic drug that gained media attention in 2010 under the name "flakka", were also identified. Alpha-PVP can lead to excessive violence and aggression.

Upon killing another individual, the effects of the uniform strengthen and the Wearer might experience intense anger and slight detachment from their environment. These effects may persist after operations and even usage of Ozor's Uniform.

The uniform was recovered after an raid of an FBI office in Anchorage, Alaska. The building housed a storage unit for anomalous objects confiscated by the Unusual Incidents Unit (UIU). The assault took place on ██/09/2010 and resulted in the recovery of twenty-three (23) Items and an UIU document.


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