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[[tab New Tast CI Format]]

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Item: -CI-XXX-
Living: Y/N
Sentient: Y/N
Reported Anomaly: class


How do you use the item? How do you activate it, if applicable? What safety measure do you have to do? What are the potential uses of the item?

The Usage portion should describe how we use the item, how careful we should be, how to take care of it, etc.


What is the item? What does it look like? What's the size? What does it do? Is there something we should be aware of? What are its anomalous properties? How'd we find it? When? How do we store the item safely? How do we protect it?
[[tab Secure Facilities Locations]]


Chaos facilities designated as Facilities are covert facilities, meaning that while existence of the facility is known to the public, such facilities are often disguised under government or corporate fronts. Locations are often built in locations in relatively close proximity to civilian populations, where facilities would require such cover.


Chaos facilities designated as Areas are clandestine facilities, meaning that civilians are not aware of its existence at all. Such facilities are often built far away from civilian populations and may contain highly dangerous anomalies; the vast majority of Areas have extreme fail-safe measures such as on-site nuclear warheads.

Facility Sections

Sections Chaos

Sectors are sections of Locatons or Areas that are designated for specific purposes, such as containment, research, or storage. The exact usage of Sections Chaos vary from facility to facility and is dependent on the facility's primary purpose and size.


Biological containment facilities or facility sections deal with infectious or otherwise biohazardous anomalies and are both isolated and self-contained to prevent the possible escape of such anomalies.

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