Jade's Sandbox

Story 1:

Planning The Liberation of SCP-079

Codename: Operation: System-Crash

Objective: Capture & Recovery

Steps: (Total time approximation: 27 - 52 Minutes, or 30 Minutes to an Hour)

Phase 1 (Approximately 5-10 minutes)

1: Agent within Site-15 will receive signal for go.

2: Agent will slip into the generator room and disconnect the facility's power.

3: Agent will use communications device to signal Teams A and B to begin phase 2.

Phase 2 (Approximately 15-30 Minutes)

1: Team A will begin an assault on the front entrance. Meanwhile Team B will infiltrate through the side.

2: If successful, Team A will advance into the facility carefully but swiftly. Capturing any research personnel and killing the rest. Team B should be able to get to SCP-079's storage room unmolested due to Team A's loud distraction.

3: If repelled at any point, Team A must immediately signal Team B to retreat.

4: Team B is to exterminate any foundation personnel encountered, and destroy or capture any documentation related to 079 during this phase.

5: Team B's primary objective is to get to SCP-079, and transfer it to a large USB style drive.

Phase 3 (Approximately 7-12 Minutes)

1: Once 079 has been obtained, Team B is to signal Team A "Mission Complete," and ignore all secondary objectives in order to reach the extraction point.

2: Team A is to slowly pull out of Site-15 once the "Mission Complete" signal is obtained. As soon as Team B is clear, Team A is to take all captured documents and persons to their extraction, and evacuate.

3: Teams A & B will meet at initial location and return to base.

4: Base personnel are to upload SCP-079 to an isolated computer, to ensure that nothing has gone wrong with the cargo.

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