Item series-1

I-002 -Bell of Entropy
I-003 -Archangel of Scorn
I-004 -End of Days Engine
I-005 -Sporal Contagion
I-006 -Ghost Gas Masks
I-007 -Terror Bites
I-008 -Seismic Rodents
I-009 -Physics Engine
I-010 -Candle Wax Child
I-011 -Bed of Wealth
I-012 -Bad Donuts
I-013 -The Pacifier
I-014 -Hime Akumu
I-015 -Tiny Wings
I-016 -Imperial Sharks
I-017 -Pincer Coffin
I-018 -Satire Truck
I-019 -Remedion
I-021 -Tuskbore
I-022 -Lady Spring
I-023 -Molecular Corrosion Stones
I-024 -Transduction Annelids
I-025 -Matchmaker
I-026 -Praxedes' Fist
I-027 -Ward of Zephyr
I-028 -Charybdis
I-028 -Tap of Anomaly Reduction

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