Unstoppable Shed
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Item: "Immovable Shed"
Size: 2.44m x 1.83m; 80 kg
Type: Standard Oak - Coated in Antimatter Paint™
Potential/Current Hazards WARNING: Although relatively harmless when left untouched, it should be noted that any potential immovable object that could come into contact with the shed could theoretically tear a hole in the fabric of reality
Required Wear/Weaponry No equipment is necessary while interacting with the item
Location: In use; Coordinates:██.████° N,██.████° W
Reported Anomaly: Unidentifiable immovable object travelling at approx. 767mph came into contact with Item. Increasing exothermic temperatures recorded at site █████, indefinitely heating nearby areas to inhabitable conditions. Had it not been for interaction by nearby Insurgency Officials, the Immovable Object would have remained, generating a potential End-of-World scenario, yielding catastrophic damages. Through use of teleportation from Item -


The Item in question is currently being operated by Insurgency Members as an Operating Base (FOB) and at of time of document, holds ██ Anomalous Items under possession of The Insurgency. Due to the Item's nature, it cannot move, dent, or be damaged in any way possible allowing the Item to effectively guard important artifacts and hold important objects.
"The Unstoppable Shed" additionally holds an extra beneficial side-effect due to it's anomalous surroundings; doors to the shed can not be externally opened in any form, allowing one way entry
Currently, the object contains a signal-jammer-device, crates full of military grade weaponry and multiple anomalous items.


"The Unstoppable Shed" came under siege by the Insurgency when SCP Officials failed to devise any potential ability to
What is the item? What does it look like? What's the size? What does it do? Is there something we should be aware of? What are its anomalous properties? How'd we find it? When? How do we store the item safely? How do we protect it?

The Report portion should describe the item, provide the protocols for storing it, etc.

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