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United Nations Global Occult Coalition (Prospecting ally)


Description: Following the disastrous events of the Seventh World War and its confluence to the second global conflict of the mundane world, the Global Occult Coalition was brought to existence from the remnants of the world's outspoken experts on anomalous science under the guidance of the United Nations' earliest iterations. Long traditions in parascience and magical arts have been preserved and improved over the decades, and funding from their primogenitor would have ensured their place at the forefront of the world's advancement, were it not for its self-destructive actions against the very anomalies on which it depends.

Structure: An Undersecretary is elected by the United Nations supra-natural entity to broker alliances between the 108 Organizations and establish ultimate policy on anomaly interaction. In turn, representatives from each member organization have open lines to the Undersecretary and each other, although feuds are common and create tension across the organization. The group receives financial, scientific, and military support from the UN.

Behavior: Most anomalies they find are destroyed with discrimination, although they possess and regularly utilize tangential and anomalous weaponry and gear. Ergo, analysis shows that internal UNGOC philosophy among its personnel is conflicted, and a balance has not been struck between their aims to protect humanity and embrace the paranatural.


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Mobile Operational Response Team


The Mobile Operational Response Teams are elite teams composed of different staff members and have been created to respond to specific situations that may require the assistance of armed specialists. As their name suggests, these teams are highly mobile and can easily (as well as quickly) move between different bases or other facilities.

Throughout our history, many teams have been created to protect the interests of our organization or, on the contrary, to respond to attacks. M.O.R.T. teams are groups that vary in terms of scope, size and purpose. It should be noted that the section is composed in two ways, the more traditional teams are listed on this page and more precisely in the table below, the teams that have transcended their traditional stages and become more important and specific are listed in a different way, you can consult them by clicking on the link at the end of this paragraph. MORT Codex


It is possible (sometimes) that a team may be dissolution and categorized as inactive, although this kind of case happens quite rarely it is noted that the dissolution of a team is always a very difficult decision to make but if the team has been experiencing for some time a number of losses that leads to the inability to operate, dissolution is inevitable.

"To accept the idea of defeat is to be defeated."

Alpha Codename Description Previous Operations
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