I.T. Station Beta
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The Following Is A Secure Server:
(Hello, my name is Agent Darker. Recently we here in the IT department have been getting bombarded by questions about the Insurgency's computer systems. This Server is designed to help lessen the load on the IT department by having a neat and organized way to ask any questions that you may have about the computer systems here at the Chaos Insurgency. Here is how to ask a question:)

Agent Darker: Hey IT, how do I get the computers down at Polar Station 12 up and running (I really need to know)?
Dr. Craigberg: Sure just go to the main control room look for the button that says: Power and you should be set.

Mr. Emperson: Hey IT, I've been stuck down here at Medical Site-Victor for the past few months working on the Site-12 case and the Wi-Fi down here is slow as shit. Any way of speeding it up?
Dr. Craigberg: I'll see what I can do but don't expect any changes anytime soon, after that last foundation attack, we've all got our hands full dealing with fixing the security grid at PolarStation-5. (those bombs can really do a number on copper wiring).

Dr. Millton: Has one of your guys switched the programming of our electron microscope with that of a microwave? This is the third sample it toasted, made a ping sound and flashed 0:00.
Dr. Craigberg: Mail the defective microscope to me at 1245 West ████████ Street in ██████ ████ and I'll check it out. In the mean time I would recommend that you cease all usage of the microscopes in your lab. I got a feeling I know who did it, I'll contact you when I find out for sure.

Prof. Hamilton: Missing file structures are one thing but having them rebuild themselves every 4 minutes seriously hinders us. (One of my students swears he has seen files that should never be seen in public i.e. OUR files) Could you guys stop doing what ever you are doing?
Dr. Craigberg:

Agent Hefton: We are having trouble with the front door (Base 78) accepting our clearances. I think the thing thinks my name is Hefton for some reason.
Dr. Craigberg:

Sloton: My name is printed as Sloton on every one of my prints. Are you guys messing around with the printer drivers again?
Dr. Craigberg:

Automated Alerton: Database breach Polar Station 5. Manual assistance required.
Automated Response: 01010011 01100101 01 (RESTART COMPLETE)…..(LOCK DOWN STARTED)
Addendum Response: Okay, this is a blast announcement to all personnel as Polar Station 5, I just checked the cameras at access point 12 there and it looks like someone tried downloading a shit ton of classified files about our containment team's locations throughout North America and sharing them with an IP address that I traced to the foundation. I've automatically sent the station into lock down, so if anyone sees this person let me know (I've e-mailed a picture of the suspect to everyone's computer). Also, whatever you do: don't let them screw up the new copper wiring there (If tampered with, the site may explode in a fireball equal to twelve Hiroshima's. Also I just put it in and it took forever).

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