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Item: Neural Headphones
Type: Anomalous Acoustic Device
Living: No
Sentient: No
Potential/Current Hazards Any sound produced by item has the potential to affect humans within hearing distance. Additionally, item can activate without warning if it receives a sufficient signal.
Required Wear/Weaponry All personnel wishing to test item must wear sound-proofed acoustic earmuffs.


Until such time as items can be reliably mass-produced, they are not to leave their storage room. Any and all testing or handling of item must be approved by Alpha Command.

Items are highly dangerous and in limited quantity, so they cannot be reliably and effectively used at present. However, due to some of items' effects on test subjects, the potential medical or martial uses of items are widespread.


Items are a set of 16 pairs of Bluetooth headphones. These headphones are reported as being very comfortable, with barely any outside noises permeating through the soundproofing, and several personnel have had to be forcibly separated from said headphones.

Despite being Bluetooth headphones, the items do not require a power source to function. Instead, the items utilize a previously unknown metal in their wiring and circuitry, which appears to conduct any low-frequency electromagnetic waves. As such, items will pick up any broadcasting signals that reach it, but the closest and strongest signal will be favored over all others.

If an item picks up a signal it registers as music, it will begin emitting a series of inaudible, ultra low-frequency sound waves through its speakers. The sound produced resembles a lower-pitched version of the song being received, and personnel exposed to it claim to have heard the song it resembles being played.

The audio produced by the item greatly alters a listener's mental and physical state. The state of the listener seems to depend on the genre and sound of the song being replicated. For example, smooth jazz music tends to lower a listener's blood pressure and brain activity, while EDM sends the listener into a manic state closely resembling amphetamine consumption. There are, of course, some outliers; if a song from any genre is notorious for its poor reception, the sound produced will nearly always cause permanent damage to the listener's brain and/or body.

Items are to be kept in an anechoic chamber 5m x 5m x 4m in volume, with Faraday shielding lining the outer walls to prevent unwanted electromagnetic interference. Items are not to be removed from containment except for reverse-engineering and testing purposes.

All activities involving item are to be performed in an adjacent 5m x 5m x 4m room, with Faraday shielding insulation and active noise reduction speakers placed in every corner of said room. During testing and reverse-engineering, all personnel (minus test subject) are required to wear sound-proofed acoustic earmuffs. Reverse-engineering must be done inside the vacuum glovebox embedded in the Northern wall to prevent sound production.

Addendum 1: Following test NH-001-11, a recording of "Never Gonna Give You Up" is to be used as a kill agent if tests produce violent, toxic, or destructive results.

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