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This is the page that previews the draft I'm focused on right now, the one that receives the most attention, so you don't have to watch my sandbox for updates. (cuz that place has a loooootttt of edits.)

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need to knows for SAS:

  • SaS is not the place for drama
  • a place for indifference, stagnance, desolation and quiet
  • No overaching emotion in tales
  • Ensuring no one dies because there's only like ~50

Main SAS character: Matthias Ewan Scott, low level position (Delta). (emotionally withdrawn, mask of apathy. maybe a shattered personality?) Wow what was I thinking … cliche much?

Story arc idea:

  • Tale one: starts 'normal'. Normal being emotionally detached, and cynical. Get's lost via a room change (feels panic, beginning the reawakening of his emotions) and kills another expeditions personnel (just one).
  • Tale two: returns home, tries to go back to work. In a few days an envoy from the attacked expedition demand extraditions (cite some inter party agreements/treaty). Main character in the end is extradited.
  • Tale three: In prison for the most part, inner monologue. gets executed, no feeling in the end.

A collection of short stories in Site 101-Alpha

Despair Clad in Steel

14 Years After Insertion, Insurgency Calendar

Matthias' eyes stared blankly at the window in his room. In reality the 'window' was just a framed painting designed to increase morale among the staff. Matt might have been hopeful with the prospect of escape that this window offered once; however, whatever part of him that believed in such hope withered and died some time ago. There just wasn't anything to care for anymore. Before, while he definitely had been an introvert, Matt treasured breaks. They were a much needed respite from work, a chance to to relax and unwind. now they just seemed to replace tedium with monotony. His alarm droned on, eliciting nothing more than a stray glance as Matt rose from his gray sheets and out of his small cell. His body kicked into autopilot as he walked from the living quarters, called 'the block', with varying affection and displeasure by the staff, into the cafeteria. Along with his helping of indiscernible protein slop came the news of the day on an array of monitors above the entrance. Passing over a bulletin and the the 'Days Without Casualties' monitor, which read 793; he read through the work assignments, on the short list Matt found his station for the day. He was about to finish his meal when a group of people came bursting through the door then talking and laughing, bantering with the cook staff as they received their food; Matt looked on in contempt. "They're fools." He thought as he continued through his mush, "are they so blind to think there is anything to be happy about?" His routine run afoul by this intrusion Matt found his swill soured on his tongue and left the mess hall in a fluster. So focused on the commotion in the mess Matt had missed the notice on the screen below the work detail regarding temporary failure of the stabilization system and its reminder to check through doors prior to entering a room. Too late Matt realized he had passed into an anomaly containment cell, too late did he notice the saliva dripping from above him, he was even too late to scream as the ropy tendrils coiled around him, pulling him swiftly into the darkened rafters.

Tale Two

From The Personal Logs of J.Hamilton, Delta clearance.

Day Zero,

I thought I'd get a head start on this "diary". The doc is telling me to make a log of my thoughts and events, I'm shipping out today to work on a "special project". It's all hush hush and I'm even going with an escort to… wherever it is I'm going. Oh well, I'm sure that this will be my break, do well on a special project and I'm sure to get promoted. In other news one our base's Jr. Research directors just got his ass handed to him, he's been flaunting his rank around ever since the resurgence. I mean I'm not shedding any tears over it but the new guy is super strict, maybe I'll ask for a transfer after I get promoted.

Day One,

[Insert Story Here]

Day Two,

[Insert Story Here]

Day Three,

[Insert Story Here]

Day Four,

[Insert Story Here]

Day Five,

[Insert Story Here]

Day Six,

[Insert Story Here]

Tale Three

Other story ideas

Idea 1: Man stuck in a life support machine, ponders the meaning of life and recounts his experiences in SAS(emotionally detached from the world).

Idea 2: Early days of SAS, thoughts of a man before committing suicide (emotionally detached from the world).

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