GOI Zeta

The Zeta Cell

Logo of the Organisation as found in the letter to Base Six

Insurgency Relations:
Undetermined - Partly integrated.

The Zeta Cell is a Insurgency Cell not acknowledged by the Insurgency, do to there lack of competence and structure.
The Zeta Cell dose not request a formal commitment or any qualification to join.
The Zeta Cell personnel is therefore mostly incapable of performing as an Insurgency Cell.
An Insurgency agent by the name of Megonali first encountered three members of the cell trying to get his acknowledgment of there Cell.
Some time later Base Six was attacked with several anomalies entering the facility.
A letter was delivered prior to the attack demanding to be acknowledged.
Most of the anomalies leaved the facility after a followup attack was aborted, because of unknown reasons.
They loosely follow the so called Wintergreen protocol therefor obtaining any Item, while using any Item.

The Zeta Cell is highly unorganized, but follows a similar internal structure as the Chaos Insurgency.
The numbers of members is unknown and speculated to be highly unstable.
They seam to have Intel on the Insurgency and some government projects.

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