Ghost Hill

Moving in i knew that this town was bad news.
When dad sad we would move to "Ghost Hill" for his work i thought he was joking.
Ghost Hill.
Who named this city?

The day we moved in i knew what why it was called "Ghost Hill".
The town was a cluster of old looking houses in disorganized streets.
Some of the houses were settled on small hills which looked like they were build together with the houses. And if a house wants a hill of its own it has a hill of its own.

The only thing i could not figure out was who lived here or what dad would be doing here.

The town looked abandoned.

Dad said he would maintain the houses for this corporation he was working for.

Dad had been out of a job for 2 years after moms disappearance.
He send out resume after resume who got all rejected.
We lived from the money we had saved up for my college.
Than this corporation has approached my dad with some strange job he did for them.
He never talked about that job or the corporation, but this company was what saved us.

Dad worked with them a few years and i moved from town to town with him.
Always following wherever "Cataclysm International" wanted my dad.
When i looked into the group i found out that they were a wide spreed company in plastic, microelectronics and entertainment.

For some reason there was not much press about them.

With a name like Cataclysm i had expected doomsday machines and secret underground bases filed with monsters.

Our house was a surprisingly modern house (on a hill).
Dad told me that thees were movie sets that Cataclysm had set up here for a theme park, but the project was on hold do to security risks.
He mumbled something about woodworm's and ants.

We started unpacking.
When I said dad i would go look for some shop to buy dinner he got pale and said that the Company was very secretive about this place and that the shops would most likely not have
He went to the car and pulled out some cans.
We surprisingly had electricity here.
Apparently we had a generator in the basement.

When we finished with unpacking we fell into our beds like rocks.
In the middle of the night i awoke with a shiver.
Some of the houses of the city had the lights on.
The wind made quite the noise outside, like the howling of hundreds of restless souls.

Dad was talking to someone downstairs.
I went down to check if he had gotten the phone lines working or found a spot with mobile reception.
Dad was arguing with a man in a red suit.
He looked like his hairs were pieces of ripped flesh.
My dad throw him out of the house as if it was normal for him to get visitors looking like they were freshly murdered or dressing up in Halloween costumes in November.

I hesitated to go down and ask him.
He looked like he had just ran a few miles to many.
He hated talking about his job and what else could that thing be at this time in the middle of nowhere, in a park of Cataclysm International.
I went back to bed and the next morning thought i only dreamed the Visitor in the night.

Dad had made some scrambled eggs for breakfast.
He smiled at me.
"I found a store this morning. Seams like we are not the only people here."
Dad was right.
It almost looked like a town now.
There were kids in costumes running around and now there were sounds all around.
The old houses looked almost inviting and comfy.
I found the store my father had talked about.
It was more of a niche in a building that looked like a church from the outside, but as soon as you stepped throw the door you could see the things that were of.
The electronics and monitors on the walls were the first sine that this was not a conservative church.
The priest that ran the store looked like a normal priest until you saw his legs or arms.
First they looked like he was just wrinkly, but than you saw the synthetic nature of his skin.
This man was a walking, talking and very polite prosthetic.
When i asked him about it he started telling me about the wonders of god and technologie while he sometimes confused the two, as if technologie was his god.
When i asked him about the town he became…
it was not quite nerves, more like shame.
"There was something the CI, no, he did. This town is a way of easing his guild.
He wronged them all, but in this town the dead can live.
We are all ghosts here. Maybe more real than what lays outside of this city."
He shaked his head.
He had noticed my dad standing in the doorway.
"The rambling of a broken servant of god."

Even if we were well into walking distance of the church dad had come with the car.
"The guys of the Cataclysm are strange people and they employ strange people. Its what they do."

we spend the rest of the day unpacking.

I heard dad leave the house that night.
He was heading for the church.
I slipped into some clothe and followed him.

Dad was talking with the priest, which seamed to still be up at this late hour.
I could not hear there exact words but the word Technologie and Chaos fell a lot.

This was not what dad would do. Sure, he did not like talking about his work but now he was going out of his way hiding it from me.
The night was getting colder by the minute.
Dad and the priest had leafed to god knows where.
Hands in my pockets i marched back to our new home.
It seamed like the houses were empty again.
The windows, like lifeless eyes starring at me all the way home.
Than i heard a growl and moments later the night was filled with screams.
I ran into the house and slammed the door behind me.
Only the old clock was ringing.
I looked down on my phone.
Exactly midnight.
I opened the door again and the screaming was back.
There weren't as many voices still screaming and thous how did went silent one by one.
I saw some lights flashing throwout the streets and than i noticed something.
There was no one else on the streets, no one, even the windows of the houses staid dark.
I was still torn whether to go search for dad or stay in the house and try blocking all the doors, when i heard it.
Than i heard the engine of our car.
Dad was coming home.
I went back in side and seated myself on the chough.
Dad had some explaining to do.

When i sat down i noticed the hat.
On the sofa there was a white hat.
When i had leaved that thing was not there for certain.

Then dad walked in.
His clothe were torn and burned.
He fell uncontentious the moment he closed the door with the three locks.
One moment i was glad i did not followed him, i would be stuck outside now.
I only had chills for a moment.
I felled guilty even thou there was nothing i could have done.
I could have tried to bring dad to the sofa to have better light to attend to his wounds, but i didn't wanted to touch him in case his wounds would burst open.
I patched him up as best as i could with our first aid kid we had in the house.
I could have gone outside to get the one from the car to, but that seamed like suicide to me at the time.
When i went to wash my hands to get the ashes of my fingers i heard a clicking.
When i returned dad was gone as was the hat.

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