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The bar was only slightly light. The chairs were up. The bartender had gone home. Two man still sat at the bar.

Both looked like they had been through something. One had recently lost his job, the other one had just escaped a metal box in which he had been buried to die.

E: "I was loyal. They don’t have the guys to replace me."
One of the man took a shot from a glass that stood before them.

D: "They think they know what they are doing. Why did you dig me up? You were the one that wanted me down there." The man in roughed up leather had not seen the outside of a box for a while. Now he faced the man that had ordered him buried, who was holding a shot glass.

E: "It was the best for the Insurgency. I think you are unreliable and a danger to everything you touch."

D: "Then why dig me up?"

E: "They thought the same of me as I thought of you. They were wrong. Who said that I am not wrong? They did not kill me yet, but that's only a matter of time. I have a job to finish and since the Insurgency is no longer an option to get it done, I needed someone else."

D: "What job would be worth getting someone like me back in the game?"

The man in leather opened the visor of his helmed, reviling the clothes as empty. The man in leather took a shot out of the glass. Suddenly the bar was filled with live. People playing, drinking and singing.

E: "What you just drank is the hope of the Chaos Insurgency. We call it "Status Quo".
It's amniestic, hallucinogen and a mind-saver. It almost killed me once."

D: "Good stuff." A lot of eyes all over the leather suit opened and closed again.

E: "Base Six has a lot of that stuff and I need some of it."

D: "You want to steal from your old team and break into a Base as high on the secure-list as Base Six? That's crazy. I'm in."

E. "Don’t forget that I once ran the place. Our way in is the most protected, but the least expected."

D: "Let me guess, I am the only one that can go this way?"

E: "Yes. You were never briefed on Level 10, the way the Base gets its energy. The Base was build as a plug above an entrance to hell."

D: "Base Six stands on the mouth of hell? Well, call me surprised." Again two of the eyes blinked. The man in leather was almost shaking.

E: "It's not the mouth. More like a stab wound of hell. Got open in 1950 or 1953, documents were very… unspecific. Could have been 1923. But the details are not important. The world went downhill and the Foundation plugged some howls. There is an item down there that keeps hell cold on that spot.
Should be easy to find for you. Hell dose not have to many fire eating forests."

D: "When do we start?" Taking the guy who had locked him up into hell was a chance the man in leather would not miss. The sooner the better. He was bound to a mission contract, but no one had mention the word unharmed.

E: "I need to go of the grid for a while. We don’t start before we are sure the Base is reopened."

D: "Haos sealed the tin-can?"

E: "Yes, but we don’t have to wait if you thing you can get in."

D: "In is not the problem. Out is. To many people."
D knew what they would do to him, if they could get there hands on him. Not the box. Never again the box. The box was torture, but they would try all kinds of methods of killing him, failing, trying again and again until he was completely annihilated.

E: "Don´t worry about that. Give it two years or so and the Base will be empty."

D: "Do you think I could stay undetected for two years?"

The bar returned to its empty state.

E: "The guys in there are all high on this stuff. They wont bother you.
Agent, you have a mission."

The man who had taken the first shot extended a hand, which the man in leather took right away.

D: "Thanks, Dr. Edward Deny. I will bring us into hell immediately."
The leather glove melted emitting the smell of a roasting animal.
Whit the non-melted hand the Demon placed the helmet onto the bar-counter.
Than the suit had completely encased the doctor.

Wordless the Ex-Administrator of the Chaos Insurgency equipped the helmet.
The floor beneath him started to burn up. Than he fell, down to hell.
This was as fare of the grid as possible.

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