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Item: NV-Anderson
Size: Length 170 meters; Width 13 meters
Living: No
Sentient: Yes
Potential/Current Hazards Hardly ever aggressive and will yell at passengers if it get extremely upset
Location: Military Base: One
Reported Anomaly: The item appears to have a mind of its own and will talk to passengers.


The NV-Anderson is the flagship of the CI Pacific Storm fleet. Along with 20 other naval vessels, it is used in attaches on Foundation facilities and fleets. It is currently being used to hunt down [Redacted]. Prior to boarding personnel must be informed that the item will talk and may yell at you. They must also be informed that if they upset it, they will be banned from ever boarding the vessel. If the item attacks any other Insurgency ship, the OBNW is to be detonated.


The NV-Anderson is a sentient Ohio-class submarine built by Anderson Robotics. The voice is appears to be a young, male adult. It was bought from AR for 2.97 billion US dollars. The dimensions are surprisingly the exact same as the US warship, USS-Ohio. The submarine contains an on board nuclear warhead that is to be detonated if the ship attacks any other Insurgency warship. The item also contains many androids that walk around the torpedo room.


The warship was built by Anderson Robotics in 1996. There is some suspicion that the vessel was actually given to AR by the United States Navy, although Alpha command says this is highly unlikely. They used the submarine as their mobile headquarters from 1997 through 2000. After the SCP foundation found out about the sentient submarine Insurgency Agent, George R. Reagan offered to buy the ship for 1.25 billion. When Marshall, Carter, and Dark Ltd. offered to buy it for 2 billion Agent Reagan raised his offer to 2.97 billion. AR Directors Vincent Anderson and Albert Frostman sold the submarine to the Chaos Insurgency.

Insurgency agents took the ship to Military Base: One, their military base on the coast of Tzartus Island, Canada. After finishing there second submarine dock, they move the submarine into Submarine Dock Two. This would become the ship's home port.

The NV-Anderson, as it is now called, became the flagship of the Pacific Storm Fleet after the destruction of the NV-Merkel during an attach on Foundation Battleship SCPS-Demeter. Along with the other 20 vessels the submarine has never lost a battle and is under the command of Captain Gilad Pellaeon.

Chaos Insurgency

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