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Careful, with the I am back.

I have seen to many say that just to vanish overnight.

I wont demand you to write. This is supposed to be fun after all.
Real live takes priority, I know.

But what are your plans?

One dose not simply
write a special ops without a plan.

Re: questions by Meta WonderratMeta Wonderrat, 30 Jul 2017 10:02

Sorry I've got work. And also have school coming up so I got a bit away from this I'm back now though.

Re: questions by Daemian blackwellDaemian blackwell, 30 Jul 2017 06:06

If you don't intent to write any further i will remove your entry on the main side and put it here.

Sorry, but as it stands there is just not enough there.

I am still willing to help you, to get this thing of the ground, but i will need some kind of reply.

Re: questions by Meta WonderratMeta Wonderrat, 27 Jul 2017 22:35

BTW, you don't have to give up on super soldiers, but perhaps on the whole loyal to the end aspect.

If you where mind washed you might wake up "Bourne"…disaster
If you fear defeat you build an intentional week point, which could be exploited…disaster
If you grow attached to something (your loyal elite for example) it my cloud your judgment…
do you know what happened 1948 in-universe?

Re: questions by Meta WonderratMeta Wonderrat, 26 Jul 2017 01:18

I would have liked to talk you out of thous groups.
Costs don't balance a super soldier.

Once one i there it eliminates ever threat below it.
That is a concept called power creep.
Imagen every standard enemy is on the same power level as a stage boss.
The Stage boss would need to be stronger than the strong standard enemy.
Thus eliminating the normal standard enemy.

To balance a super soldier it would need to have a drawback so strong that we cant use him as an easy way to end all problems.

There is also that bit about the state the insurgency (from my point of view) is currently in.
We are the guy without funding, resources or personal.
We are not a government organization or the foundation, as you said.
The Budgets of operations are cut extremely fast.

Guards are necessary, but tying our best guys to any position would make them inflexible.

But i have moved to far of point.

My challenge to you:
Write a story with them.
Show me what you have in mind.

Dose not have to be an origin story or a mission.
I might just have no idea where you want to go with this.

Re: questions by Meta WonderratMeta Wonderrat, 26 Jul 2017 01:12

i dont understand why you add the under decommision and terminated to the groups.

questions by Daemian blackwellDaemian blackwell, 26 Jul 2017 00:40

there are only two teams of super soldiers. the empress' and rook 1.
and they are only for specific operations. yes i get that it sort of a cliche but i don't believe that the CI with their looser morals wouldnt attempt to make a super soldier or two. i put restriction via a cost. cause the CI would be limited to how much money they have and super soldiers are expensive AF.

Re: Super Soldiers by Daemian blackwellDaemian blackwell, 26 Jul 2017 00:35

That looks moor like a small private army of Zombie super captain Americas than an actual operation.

We are not the Foundation.
If you are this good you can make a lot more money by freelancing.

I get that we create these things, but the last time the Insurgency tried super soldiers we got Furrys.

We are not really good at that whole augmentation business.

Super Soldiers by Meta WonderratMeta Wonderrat, 25 Jul 2017 23:14

Why wouldn't we just surround a forest with traps and guys, than tip of the GOC and wait for the slaughter?

The Foundation will be there, maybe even the church of the broken god.

Since the asset is self replicating, we wont even lose our asset.

Just chaos and destruction for miles kilometers.

We are the guys that want to show the world the paranormal, and chaos is on way to do so, letting the GOIs spend there resources is just the bonus.

by Meta WonderratMeta Wonderrat, 17 Jul 2017 13:18
JaredJFlemingJaredJFleming 17 Jul 2017 05:20
in discussion General / Per page discussions » Jared's Sandbox

Containment breach while transport? plane shot down while team is going to their mission? something like that.

by JaredJFlemingJaredJFleming, 17 Jul 2017 05:20

Why would we do it accidentally ?

by Meta WonderratMeta Wonderrat, 16 Jul 2017 12:24
JaredJFlemingJaredJFleming 14 Jul 2017 00:38
in discussion General / Per page discussions » Jared's Sandbox

Indeed! I'm just concerned about the CI possibly using this in an area with a wooden floor or a lot of organic material. Can you imagine the horror if they accidentally dropped this stuff in a forest?

by JaredJFlemingJaredJFleming, 14 Jul 2017 00:38

This stuff, going head to head with the tumor of evolution,
it will leave a gigantic, sterile crater but it would look awesome.

by Meta WonderratMeta Wonderrat, 12 Jul 2017 18:00
Meta WonderratMeta Wonderrat 12 Jul 2017 17:57
in discussion General / Per page discussions » Some Ideas

And once again i know more what is going on in the other branches.

Thanks for that, it is rare believe me.

Still not cannon, but i can deal with being unknown.

by Meta WonderratMeta Wonderrat, 12 Jul 2017 17:57

Me tomé la libertad de arreglar el código. Espero no te moleste

Admin - La SCP Foundation Wikia
Admin - El Caos Insurgente

Una pequeña edición by XYerkorexXXYerkorexX, 09 Jul 2017 02:15

Welcome to the Insurgency Sandbox
May I introduce Myself.
I am Meta Wonderrat, the Sandbox Knight of the Chaos Insurgency.

You will find that things are different around here.
(A lot more me and a whole lot slower)

Making your own branch of the insurgency is almost a right of passage at this point, but to leave it like it looks now…

I am not the greatest of supports, but I know this the Chaos (not Choas) Insurgency has a
slogan already (Creating Logic out of Illogic)

I know our guides are old but they contain some Wikidot syntax you might find useful.
When you are in the mood i would also suggest you take a look at

and a little something I made

I have seen your efforts to create an SCP-Wiki from scratch, but the question remains "Why would you do that?"

Anyway, welcome to the burned out Jungle, where the clocks tick differently.

Welcome to the Jungle by Meta WonderratMeta Wonderrat, 03 Jul 2017 17:28

Thanks for info, i realize the followings changes:

1) Now the artillery only can shoot if a Personal Investigator of Beta level allow the shooting.

2) Now the artillery will cancel all the shoot directed to his integrity and it will temporal disable if during a mission a shot to make damage to civil people, it can only identify them through his SACLOS system and only the armed people, armoured cars, enemy bases or similar weaponry can receive a shot. The people damage through collateral damage or unrecognized persons will not affect the trial shot.

3) All the insurgent perssonel will be evacuated from the area of working of the artillery

4) If the artillery attack some insurgent personnel or attack a insurgent base it can be disable remotely with Beta level authorizations (With prior consent of an Alpha council member) or directly one member of the Alpha Council. And
the projectile will deactivate in flying.

thanks you very much for the feedback, and thanks for read say goodbye Dimitri.

Pd: Sorry for my english

.-.. .- / .-.. -_- -.-. ..- .-. .- / .. -_
.-_. ..- .-.. … .- / -_ .. / . … -.-. .-. .. - ..- .-. .- .-.-.

Re: What if... by DimitriTiwatLambdaDimitriTiwatLambda, 30 Jun 2017 03:30

First of,
thanks, i finally know whey you guys have a guy who always looks kidnapped in your team.

second, english needs some work (perhaps not from me as i am still very prone to mistakes in the language myself)

third, how are we sure that he is male and human if he can shape shift (need more information)

fourth, cut the guys monthly pay, i don't know about your cells, but last i checked we were not made out of money

5th, there is a lot of overkill in this measures to contain him, this might lead to him selling us out even more than he (most likely already has)

6th, I'm not to fluent in Spanish but didn't this guy have a longer article on your side?

7th, i don't see why we should trust this guy (being always disguised makes it easy for a GOI agent to just take his place(perhaps even without touching the original))

Re: Hello people! by Meta WonderratMeta Wonderrat, 22 Jun 2017 20:55

I write this post asking for feedback to this article, Doppel is the firts agent of this proyect and is part of the large network of cells inside of the Project corvus, Specifically for Being part of the Main Cells "Corvus Cornellius" (Main cell of the spanish branch, in the english branch you can see Important cells like Special Assets). Doppel inside the Corvus Cornellius cells is especially required in Intelligence missiones (or Operations) because his "Mimic and Meta-Mnemonic" Abilities. Thanks you very much for read, Dismiss Dimitri, have a good day.

Pd: Sorry for my english

.-.. .- / .-.. -_- -.-. ..- .-. .- / .. -_
.-_. ..- .-.. … .- / -_ .. / . … -.-. .-. .. - ..- .-. .- .-.-.

Hello people! by DimitriTiwatLambdaDimitriTiwatLambda, 22 Jun 2017 01:53

when ever a titan moves i will be there to tell them

"GO FOR IT. Even bad is good.(Sometimes creativity NEEDS TO FLOW)"

If you want to make a return someone will be there.

Well if you stay in the sandbox at least.
(I’m still not cannon)

BTW at least a glimpse of what was on your mind when you made this page would have been nice.
When i made the rewrite of Sticky Stick i made sure that the page looked empty at first glance, but yours actually is.

Just start the rest will come.
If you need starting help i could help you with that if you want to.

Glad to hear that you are not dead.

will wait on that by Meta WonderratMeta Wonderrat, 05 Jun 2017 21:32
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