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First of,
thanks, i finally know whey you guys have a guy who always looks kidnapped in your team.

second, english needs some work (perhaps not from me as i am still very prone to mistakes in the language myself)

third, how are we sure that he is male and human if he can shape shift (need more information)

fourth, cut the guys monthly pay, i don't know about your cells, but last i checked we were not made out of money

5th, there is a lot of overkill in this measures to contain him, this might lead to him selling us out even more than he (most likely already has)

6th, I'm not to fluent in Spanish but didn't this guy have a longer article on your side?

7th, i don't see why we should trust this guy (being always disguised makes it easy for a GOI agent to just take his place(perhaps even without touching the original))

Re: Hello people! by Meta WonderratMeta Wonderrat, 22 Jun 2017 20:55

I write this post asking for feedback to this article, Doppel is the firts agent of this proyect and is part of the large network of cells inside of the Project corvus, Specifically for Being part of the Main Cells "Corvus Cornellius" (Main cell of the spanish branch, in the english branch you can see Important cells like Special Assets). Doppel inside the Corvus Cornellius cells is especially required in Intelligence missiones (or Operations) because his "Mimic and Meta-Mnemonic" Abilities. Thanks you very much for read, Dismiss Dimitri, have a good day.

Pd: Sorry for my english

.-.. .- / .-.. -_- -.-. ..- .-. .- / .. -_
.-_. ..- .-.. … .- / -_ .. / . … -.-. .-. .. - ..- .-. .- .-.-.

Hello people! by DimitriTiwatLambdaDimitriTiwatLambda, 22 Jun 2017 01:53

when ever a titan moves i will be there to tell them

"GO FOR IT. Even bad is good.(Sometimes creativity NEEDS TO FLOW)"

If you want to make a return someone will be there.

Well if you stay in the sandbox at least.
(I’m still not cannon)

BTW at least a glimpse of what was on your mind when you made this page would have been nice.
When i made the rewrite of Sticky Stick i made sure that the page looked empty at first glance, but yours actually is.

Just start the rest will come.
If you need starting help i could help you with that if you want to.

Glad to hear that you are not dead.

will wait on that by Meta WonderratMeta Wonderrat, 05 Jun 2017 21:32

Feel free to add a new tab for DB096 edited to how you think it should be meta, I reckon it would be far more constructive than us discussing possibilities in a forum

Note: I don't mean to sound sarcastic or offensive


Re: New Variable by Nugget909Nugget909, 25 May 2017 10:37

Heighten adrenalin has that effect, but it also clouds judgement and reasoning.
Under normal brain speed this is not really a problem, but under accelerated speed that could do all kinds of damage.

What dose it do to you if you feel threatened over a (perceived) long time without an obvious (perceivable) reason?
Sounds like paranoia to me.

I included the scale to show you the devastating effect of a ph of 5.7.
It is not even as acidic as coffee.
It kills you, but it wont melt away cells.

When you take into account the symptoms outlined in this article you will get a more clear picture of your "super soldiers."
Think Professor X not Wolverine.
Think of the infected as an always tiered, always awake, always on edge person that may have massive bone weakness and possibly if given to children growth problems.

Imagen the results,
Hyper energetic kids that look like demons (orange in there eyes blood vessels, even thou I do admit that them having orange lips and gums would be the more visible element.).
This would change the focus of the item from a bacteria that dose stuff, to a scientific deconstruction of folklore.

The week deal making devil, the monster in the basement, demonic appearances in secluded locations.
If you just need more to the article try this path.
I think it would work pretty well (for the CI as well as the SCP format).

Re: New Variable by Meta WonderratMeta Wonderrat, 25 May 2017 07:54

Jade network isn't really a thing meta, I was just bored and thought it needed something more

I used the reference to SCP-008 as an an example at this stage to emphasis the 'unnatural' concept of DB096.
I am aware of the toxicity of Ph 5.7 and what it can do, I really just picked a number that had acidic affects after extended exposure.

I was considering using a virus or possibly a parasite as the carrier of the enzyme but based on how bacteria operate I though it would be the most effective. A virus would still probably work at this point but I am fairly happy with how it works at the moment.

I also feel the need to point out that the increased adrenaline production symptom of the enzyme can increase physical capabilities.


Re: New Variable by Nugget909Nugget909, 24 May 2017 22:32

On the new version:
First, good to see you again.

Second, 008 is a prion (more a protein) not a bacteria (extraterrestrial origins? Where have we gotten that idea?)
I'm asking because I fought with and against 008 for a long time in my stories.

Third, 001 is just in some random base, and this is what we send to steal it?
A not fully deadly bacteria that might make our enemies smarter?
A group of possibly dyeing operatives?

You send out Brains to do a mussel job.

Fourth I think you overestimate what a ph of 5.7 is

'melt' right through their bodies internally

Its deadly, yes, but not like you think of it.

The idea to make soldiers and than immediately attack without much warning is a good plan since both the foundation as well as the GOC are great at preparing for something like an army.

Just pure interest, which 001 are you trying to get?
There are not that many that you could just pocket and leave.

This virus is great at simulating that all hell breaks loss, so I would suggest missions in the way of .

Those seam more suited than the super soldier plans.
Just Imagen what we could do if we poison blood banks with the stuff.
We could make it one of the biggest studies about the phenomena,
while possibly forcing the GOIs to develop an antidote.

We than steal the antidote, make it ourselves and are now the go to guys if you were poised.
You cant go to the GOIs since they would ether imprison or kill you and if you survived up until you could find us chances are good that the super soldiers would just come to us.

Why wast good personal if we can just as easily wast the public, destroying GOI resources and diverting there attention in the process?

Re: New Variable by Meta WonderratMeta Wonderrat, 24 May 2017 21:57

I like where you're going with this meta. While I do see some references to the alien franchise in here I still think it's a fantastic idea. I'll continue to work on this and make some of the changes you suggested. I'm also trying to get this through on the SCP wiki so I guess it'll be a race.

It's good to hear from you again meta, thanks for the feedback.

And to answer your question regarding the biosuits before interactions, CI may not be as smart as the foundation in all of their operations. But they are not stupid, better safe than sorry


Re: New Variable by Nugget909Nugget909, 23 May 2017 04:23

If you say the enzyme turns blood acidic you will have to ether explain that or say that that is part of the anomaly (cant be explained throw normal chemistry or biology).

Enzymes are produced in the cells, so to talk of a change means that some people are subjugated to the enzyme later in there live (to change from normal to the other status)

If this phenomena is so wide spreed than there would be studies by some civil organizations, maybe you need to mention that we stole or discredited thous.

The item needs an explanation why enzym-66 dose not imminently kill the persons that have it in there blood.
Most enzymes in the human body react poorly to environmental changes.
So ether the enzyme-66 has some effect that shields other biological components or it would just instantly kill you.

Bio-suits required before interaction

I see no reason why that should be necessary.
Enzymes cant self replicate in other bodies.
Worst that could happen would be ether a mild toxic effect or an allergic response.

I do however see a way for this item to be more than just a strange medical condition.
For that i would give the enzym-66 a companion.
A virus or bacteria that produces the enzyme as part of its normal live cycle.

The other organism needs a more acidic environment to survive (which would explain why they would evolve to produce this enzyme).
That would change the enzyme from a normal mutation to a potentially devastating side effect to a normal infection or internal wound.
Thees companions could not leave the stomachs of there host, but now with this new mutation they can.
A silent killer you already have inside of you.
Lets see if your body has what it takes to survive Enzyme-66.
If you survive you are now faster thinking but certainly no human anymore (great point for an exploration of what it means to be human), if you die it will be an epic fight between your body and the enzyme.

Thats just my take on that thing.
I might have completely missed your point or your intention, so feel free to correct me on all of what i just said.
It's your item. Take good care of it.

My kind of feedback sounds like critic to at least ONE CI member i know.
My Feedback is not mant to take away from an idea. It's to further its growth.

New Variable by Meta WonderratMeta Wonderrat, 18 May 2017 07:05

This could backfier pretty hard for three reasons:

For one now our personnals coordinates can be located via satelite and that is just asking for a military strike to be carried out on them

2th This could be used to locate base seven

3th the haos doctrin is not exactly the thing to put in an automated gun, since the CI turned on that protocol a long time ago.
The insurgency dose not want to share anymore.
Puting the haos protocol in there would mean that to comply with its programming the cannon had to shot the ci, thus forcing it to break the no-treason rule.

In the haos doctrin there is not a single word about lojalty to CI leadership, meaning that if the haos doctrin would be inserted the cannon itself would now use the satelite data to take out alpha command, because they are the once the haos doctrin would classevie as oppressors.

Re: What if... by Meta WonderratMeta Wonderrat, 20 Apr 2017 14:39

Fixed, please read the *Actualización 18/01/2017.* (Update 18/01/2017).
Explain about a update to the main software of the AI. The principal changes are based on Satellite Guide, for make use of QUAESITOR in missions. Also add for the Satellitel guide the "Terrain Contour Mapping". And the proyectils now can work with the SACLOS system (Wire and radio-guided). All the data of the proyectil in flight are sent to the Artillery for make corrections.

The insurgency also implemented to the AI a modified main code based on Doctrine of haos. For give it total freedom at the time of shoting, and decide if the target will be neutralized or not and denied the shots that can destroy the own artillery.

"To prevent insubordination of insurgent personnel in the local area, they must carry satellite verification chips at all times" The chip will send the information about the distance of the insurgency personnel from the target and the neutralize of the personnel insurgents in the zone of impact only can be Performed if the insurgents in the zone are not Alpha personnel (The shot in 85% of cases will not be carried out.)

If the microchips are Extracted from the personnel it will be disable, because the Monitoring of the chips in the Base Seven.
The microchips from the personnel Beta or Alpha are connected with the Heart palpitations if the microchip are extrated or the subjets gone to 0 heart palpitations the microchip will be disable autonomously. (Also it can be disable from the base to prevent that microchip to fall into enemy hands.)

That all the corrections, Sorry for my english

.-.. .- / .-.. -_- -.-. ..- .-. .- / .. -_
.-_. ..- .-.. … .- / -_ .. / . … -.-. .-. .. - ..- .-. .- .-.-.

Re: What if... by DimitriTiwatLambdaDimitriTiwatLambda, 19 Apr 2017 20:03

Dose that make sense?
Cell (Member) can be disregarded if no other reason to do so dose not exist

it should mean

Cell (Member) can be disregarded if there is no other reason to keep dealing with them

sadly even that dose not sound right

I tried to make an in universe guide that can be used out of universe to create stories.
The guide is suppost to be scary,
because, as i said in/about "Blastfishing",
what could be more scary than giving nonexperts anomalus powers?

We dont fear the CI because thay have things under controll.
Lets remove that safetynet.

The Saying, that was coined now almost one year ago, will finally be fullfiled and items
will just be storred in some guy´s house.

By the way:
Cyto, remember when you accedentely joined zeta?
the "Kuhli´s light bulb" story is a direct result of this guides implementation (even thou the idea to this giude is younger than that story)
Still waiting on your decission which butten to press
and i named one status indicator after you.
I could now congratulate myself on a well planed and executed "plan", but that you just happened to inspiere the term was never planed. This status would have existed either way, but i would honestly not know what else to call it.

Zeta Guide by Meta WonderratMeta Wonderrat, 08 Apr 2017 23:47

If this is an invatation to plan a raid i would like to join, but i see a few problems with the whole thing.

  • We once had some superhuman serum laying around, the original human serum which i rewrote
  • Cyto wanted to try something simmilar until i showed him some ted-ed videos about the science of superpowers
  • Why should we not harm foundation personal exactly?
  • If we know were the WPO has a base why not take it over whole, my sugesstion would be "Flints silver" as biologic anomalys could damage samples
  • One dose not simply locate a foundation site
  • why would we not give up on the enzyme, if we find something better
  • i made something caled gods blood and that stuff is used to start nucs

Anyway looking forward to it

Enzyme-66 by Meta WonderratMeta Wonderrat, 20 Mar 2017 10:19

Hi, thanks and

Of all the stuff if written you choose to take the three pieces most unsiuted.
Green shimmer: an end for the story of my first sandbox (Green tie Meta)
A man and a machine: a combination of the german classic Faust with the myth of Lockup and Lockdown (First sandbox)
A hanged man gold: An origin story to an item (you had not read) in combination with a story of "ruin".

Im glad that you read and correct my stuff, but if you just picked them random than … ufff thats one unlucky draw.

I read you corrections the next day after they were made (Dont ask how) , but i have no internet in my appartment for the moment and only today school started thats why im late to the party.

But i still hope you got something out of them.
Just as the SCP-forum tipps page said: writte as if every article is the first someone will read.

Please tell me what you think is going on in each story so that i know that i got my point across
(In the past it has shown that my thoughts are sometimes not easy to follow).

If you dont understand some words (green shimmer) tell me what you think they mean.

Cyto messege by Meta WonderratMeta Wonderrat, 01 Mar 2017 08:35

We had a nice talk (i just could not figure out what you had not read).

This becon worked.

I seem to have lost contact with you.

Until next time. (that means its late at night and i need sleep(or do i? (yes you do(you will never know))))

by Meta WonderratMeta Wonderrat, 16 Feb 2017 00:53

We sincerly need a more effective way to communicate.
Ithought i missed you.
Leading you to miss me and now this aint going anywere.

This is the obligatory, i am still here becon.

Hope you enjoy the fish.

Timing, a strategic resource that i lack.

Well, hope this reaches you in time or the post is pointless.

by Meta WonderratMeta Wonderrat, 15 Feb 2017 22:07

It´s how the cell was first encountered.
Three members had tracked down a fildeagent.
This was before the attack on Base Six.

This agent was the guy they would eventualy capture with the bad coverup for Lolz.

This guy was the guy that gave them the location of Base Six.

He is the poor bastard that just was on the wrong place at the wrong time.

to the foodnote by Meta WonderratMeta Wonderrat, 13 Feb 2017 12:37
  • Capture of GOI Personnel

A direct knot to the original Zeta Case in which Zeta scrowed up there coverstory so badly that an agent of the CI came to investigate.
They extracted a lot of valiuable information from him with the twttt, found base six and blow part of it up.
The item in question was Mr. Lolz, a thinking Star that holds a nucliar plant hostege.(NOT EASY TO REMOVE)
Like the page with atvice on Reality Benders said:"We dont have the recurces to use that propper."
If we cant use it its ideal bait.

  • Cause Chaos and Destruction

We do want to make the world awere of the paranormal, right?
It is not so easy explaining a way an entiere citys disapperence.
The more chaos we do the more the other GOIs have to cover it up, diverting there resurcces from other projects.

Try to explain to the survivers what they just saw was just gas when a gigant tumor just ate throw there churchmeeting.

This is a tad ridiculous in my opinion.

The headline to the mission is "Why?"
We would like the world destabalised.
Distruction is the fastest way to achive this.
Just look what losing 2 wars made out of germany.

First cultural center of the west world,
than dictatorship.
Land i ruins,

To quot a princip in economics:
"If you want to create jobs to bring money into the economy, let them dig holes pay them for it, than let them close them up agin and pay them for it."

We just skip the part were we pay them.
We make the holes, someone else pais to fill them back up.

Destabil and well of. Sounds like a state i would try to take over.

You crack me up Meta :) I adore your undying imagination. From ping pong tables to coffee machines, you never cease to make me smile with your rapid fire waves of ideas.

Anyway, you're very welcome for the edit, as small as it was. I'm sorry I don't always have the opportunity to read your drafts, but I usually set time aside to check them out if I have a spare moment.

Your English is satisfactory. You're good enough to get the point across, though there may be a couple of mistakes from time to time. You and anybody else learning English shouldn't beat yourself up over it too much, as I hear it is quite difficult to learn as a second language. This is a writing site after all: we're all here to learn to write better, so don't hesitate to ask myself or others for help. It might take some time to get around to, but we'll do it in time.

Okayy, so Blast Fishing… it was hard to make out at first but I think I'm starting to get it. Please correct me if I'm mistaken:

The Zeta Cell was having more success in some aspects than the Insurgency. Because the Zeta Cell and it's personnel are unorganized, the Insurgency doesn't want to associate themselves with Zeta. However, the Insurgency still wanted to replicate some of what Zeta had done — their "formula" as you said — to further their own success. This is where the whole Blast Fishing mission comes into play.

I'd like to go over these

  • Gaining knowledge about the anomalies

Alright, makes sense. As long as its a CI controlled operation, I don't see the problem in housing an item in a civilian residence. It'd help us monitor how a subject/item effect each other in a real-world situation.

  • Capture of GOI Personnel

Okay, I understand where you're going with this. By putting the item in an area where its vulnerable, this will be more likely to draw opposing organizations to us. However, I don't really think it is a good idea: it sets us up for the possibility of losing the item and endangering the civilian(s) (which probably wouldn't matter to the Insurgency, but you get my point).

  • Cause Chaos and Destruction

This is a tad ridiculous in my opinion. Yes, while we are a terrorist-political organization, that doesn't mean that we like bombing shit and killing people because "hey, I feel like today's a good day to cause chaos and destruction". Everything we do that is related to causing destruction has a purpose.

So I feel like you could be going somewhere with this, specifically the part about gaining knowledge about the anomalies by setting the anomaly loose into the unaware public. Some things here gotta go, but I feel like this could potentially be something interesting.

This thread? Started by aliens.

Re: No need to apologize by CytotoxicityCytotoxicity, 13 Feb 2017 10:55
CytotoxicityCytotoxicity 13 Feb 2017 08:28
in discussion General / Per page discussions » Cii 666 3

May I ask the purpose of these pages? There's many of them. I assumed they were all relics of CI past or something, but they have no revision history or anything. Just a redirect.

This thread? Started by aliens.

by CytotoxicityCytotoxicity, 13 Feb 2017 08:28
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