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Item: Logitech KLOP Wave Keyboard
Size: optional -the size of the item here; use metric-
Type: Digital
Living: No
Sentient: No
Potential/Current Hazards Cognito/Kinetohazard characters
Required Wear/Weaponry When in CI possesion, personnel should equip altered SCRAMBLE gear
Location: Curently in Foundation costody
Reported Anomaly: optional -what IS the anomaly? Consult the Terms page


Plug wireless chip into a device and hand it/ leave it for the intended target.

Currently out of CI hands and located in SCP-Foundation's Site-147.


What is the item? What does it look like? What's the size? What does it do? Is there something we should be aware of? What are its anomalous properties? How'd we find it? When? How do we store the item safely? How do we protect it?

The Report portion should describe the item, provide the protocols for storing it, etc.

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