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Researcher Multa's Personnel File

File photograph (pictured left)
Researcher Multa prior to his defection

Name: ███████ █ ████
Codename: Multa Zowie
Position: Field Researcher, Archivist
Security Clearance: Gamma
Location: ███████

History: Researcher Multa Zowie (commonly referred to as just Multa) was recruited by the Insurgency on ██ ███████ 200█ after having defected from the SCP Foundation, where he served as a field Agent out of ███████. Due to his extensive background within the Foundation, as well as his credentials in researching/archiving the paranormal, Multa was Granted employment within the CI shortly after his defection was discovered. Upon beginning his work within the Insurgency, Multa was appointed to the position of Field Researcher and placed in command of the research division of Rapid Containment Team Kappa-14 based in █████ ██████.

Operational Duties
Researcher Multa is primarily tasked with conducting field experiments on recently acquired anomalies (specifically ones that have not yet been fully contained). He is thus responsible for drafting preliminary reports on items and investigating the best methods to contain said items.

When not in the field. Researcher Multa's assistance is utilized in the studying and cataloging of items contained by the Insurgency.

Personal Information:
Researcher Multa's personality is often interpreted as "eccentric" and his actions, seen as "childish". Some of his most unique practices include; making funny jokes during otherwise serious events (this excludes funerals or other instances in which a member of Kappa-14 has been harmed or killed), insisting on being able to wear a gas mask (even during instances where one is not needed) and listing to 80's era pop music during field operations.

Projects in Progress:
I.T. Station Alpha, I.T. Station Beta, Death Stare

More Projects in progress:


The following article has been compromised and is believed to have been discovered by the Foundation on 11/20/ ████. Investigations are ongoing, but until further notice this document is restricted to Alpha Level personnel only. Unauthorized access to this document will result in IMMEDIATE TERMINATION!

Investigative Report: TKIA-882

Document Title: "Site-12 Incident"

Lead Investigator: Dr. Jack ███

Assistant Investigator(s): Dr. ████ Lang

Investigation Status: Ongoing ████████

Date of last edit: 02/26/03

Groups/Organizations Involved: Rapid Response Assistance Team: 882, SCP Foundation Mobile Task Force: ████████

882 Team Members:

Commanding Officer: Captain █████ Status: Detained
Weapon's Specialist: Lt. Rico ██████ Status: Deceased
Communications Officer: Mr. █████ Ellis Status: Deceased
Infantry #1: Captain Donald █████ Status: Deceased
Infantry #2: Commander Rico T. ██████ Status: Deceased
Infantry #3: Agent ███████ Ross Status: Unknown Deceased


On 6 December 200█, Rapid Response Assistance Team: 882 was deployed on a clandestine operation to investigate the (now abandoned) former Foundation Site-12. The operation was hastily organised by senior researchers and administrators related to project ████████ following reports surfacing that seemed to indicate the existence of several potentially anomalous artifacts left unguarded at the site. These objects were believed to have been left abandoned following the "████████ Raid" of 2001. The aforementioned raid causing the entire site and subsequent surrounding area to be evacuated under the plausible guise of a severe "chemical spill". Due to this information, it was believed that only a small Mobile Task Force remained to guard the abandoned structures. This was proven incorrect as upon the arrival of an Insurgency Response Team, they swiftly came under heavy fire from Foundation personnel, resulting in the deaths of all team members with the exception of Captain █████ who was recovered by the Insurgency officials and has since been held in protective custody at Medical Ward Alpha 3 under the direct orders of Director ███████.


The operation began on December 6th at 2200 hours with the team being deployed to the roof of the site via a Sikorsky UH-60 Black Hawk helicopter. At 2206, the team breached the roof of the Site-12 structure and began a sweep of the surrounding facilities. Five minutes later (2211), Task Force 882 made first contact with an entity later identified as SCP- ████ in what appeared to be the site's cafeteria. The SCP was secured by 882 within twelve minutes of initial discovery with very little effort. Following this, Captain █████ opted to stay and safeguard entity while the rest of the team continued the sweep of the site. Shortly following this (at 2224), gunfire was exchanged between the remaining 882 team members and a squad of SCP Foundation personnel who were at this time now aware of the team's presence (it should be noted that at this time, Captain █████ was unaware of his team's engagement with Foundation Authorities- Dr. Jack).

The final communication between Rapid Response Assistance Team: 882 and Chaos Insurgency officials was at 2237. Shortly thereafter, Captain █████ was seen emerging onto the roof of Site-12 by an Insurgency drone that was surveying the area. A rescue/recovery team was quickly dispatched and Captain █████ was recovered within fourteen minutes with the loss of two additional Insurgency personnel bringing the final death toll to eight insurgency personnel and seven Foundation. Upon his return to the Insurgency, the captain was swiftly taken to Medical Ward Alpha 3 where he underwent treatment for a non-severe gunshot wound he received during his recovery from Site-12. Following his recovery, Captain █████ was interrogated by Mr. ██████ as to his whereabouts during the mission.

Following his interrogation, Captain █████ was transferred to the Medical Ward's observation department where he received a full physical and psychological examination. As of 02/26/2003, Captain █████ remains in Medical Ward Alpha 3 under the supervision of medical doctor and assistant investigator, Dr. █████ Lang.

Footnote- Dr. Lang: After close medical and psychological examination of Captain █████, I believe that he is fit to continue his duties and request that he be brought back into service as soon as possible.
Footnote- Dr. Lang Addendum 1: (REQUEST DENIED)

NOTICE: All further investigation into TKIA-882 has been suspended indefinitely by order of Director ██████ 02/26/03

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