Energy Sponge Drip Machine
Item: "Energy Sponge Drip Machine / AA Machine"
Size: Z axis: 0.5 feet Y axis: 1 feet X axis: 2 feet
Type: Machine
Living: No
Sentient: No
Potiental/Current Hazards: Chemical burns; produces deafening screams when in production.
Required Wear/Weaponry: Standard HAZMAT suit
Location: Base Nine
Reported Anomaly Produces an anomalous material.


Item is to be stored in a 3 m by 3 m by 3 m containment room. The entrance to the room is via airlock. All personnel entering must wear a HAZMAT suit. The room is located in Base 4.
During activation of the Item, all personnel present must wear ear protective equipment.

Item is to be powered with a cord via a 220 V outlet. Item is to be supplied with 1 kg of iron shavings, 1 liter of anomalous waste/matter and 500 milliliters of water.

Only Sigma or Delta class personnel may enter the room. All personnel entering the containment cell are to wear hazardous material equipment. Activation of the item requires permission by Dr. ██████████.

Item may be used to produce Anti-Anomaly weapons to terminate uncooperative anomalies or anomalous threats.


The object will be referred to as AA Machine or Energy Sponge Drip Machine.
The object is a box, 0.5 feet by 1 feet by 2 feet in size. The box has a tap on the front and what appears to be a pressurized tank on the back. At the left side of the box is a 220 V power outlet, compatible with standard power cords in the region of discovery.

When in activation, the tap will begin extruding a purple liquid similar to pitch, but with less viscosity.
The anomalous material will solidify after 1 minute of exposure to the air. If tap is not cleaned regularly, the machine will easily jam. A bucket is to be provided to collect the anomalous material.
Once solidified, it is fragile and brittle.

The material may be used to produce Anti-Anomaly bullets or other weapons.
List of weapons that can be made with the Anti-Anomaly material:

  • Bullets
  • Combination of the Anti-Anomaly material and water
  • Poison
  • Powder
  • Knives

Note: List item 2 might be used in water cannons. List item 5 is only single-use, as the material is brittle.

Note: The item will be referred to as "AA Machine".

AA Machine was discovered in a house in the town of Denton, Maryland. The house's owner was a scientist whose wife had died several months prior to the creation of AA Machine, in 201█. An agent followed the scientist for six months due to "anomalous behavior" being reported in the house.
The scientist created the AA Machine to destroy anomalies, as he had been grief-stricken over his wife's death, which was caused by a unknown anomaly, possibly some sort of a ghost. He succeeded in killing the anomaly using a bullet made out of the Anti-Anomaly material, fired from a Glock 17.1 The Chaos Insurgency learned of this and sent agents to capture the scientist and his machine.
Unfortunately, the SCP Foundation had also learned of the scientist and his inventions, and so on April ██ of 201█, a firefight between Chaos Insurgency agents and Foundation units ensued. The Chaos Insurgency lost several agents and the Foundation fireteam was wiped out. The remaining then detained the scientist and took his machine. After the incident, the Foundation covered it up as a robbery with several men fighting a private security team hired by the scientist, and in the end the robbers died with some security personnel also dying.

The scientist was questioned and revealed his identity to be Dr. ███████. He agreed to join the Chaos Insurgency and work as a researcher.

Transcript-PC-Gamma [REDACTED]

<Begin Log,>

Dr. Sheldman: Hello. We will be questioning you today, are you okay with that?

Dr. ███████: I am okay with that, yes.

Dr. Sheldman: Why did you create the AA-Machine?

Dr. ███████: Because my wife died to an anomalous being and I hated all anomalies ever since then.

Dr. Sheldman: But the AA-Machine is also an anomaly, what is up with that contradiction?

Dr. ███████: I was blinded by my own anger and I did not realize my mistake until it was too late.

Dr. Sheldman: I see. How did you create the AA-Machine?

Dr. ███████: I don't.. exactly remember.. When I was so angry, I sort of… gave up the control of my body to my own.. subconscious? Anger?

Dr. Sheldman: Okay. One final question.

Dr. ███████: All right.

Dr. Sheldman: Do you want to join the Chaos Insurgency?

Dr. ███████: I…. don't know.. I'll think about it?

Dr. Sheldman: All-right, goodbye. You'll be in containment until you reach your own decision.

<End Log,>

Addendum AQ5-HJ6-LKF7
It is theorized that the machine infuses the material with extrauniversal antimatter via a Lorentzian traversable wormhole2 that leads to an universe. As such, the extrauniversal antimatter leaking out of the wormhole affects the anomalous waste, causing it to transform and begin contradicting itself. Due to whirring noises consistent with a blender being reported during experiments, it is likely that once the wormhole infuses the matter with extrauniversal antimatter, the blender is activated and begins swirling the mix until it has turned into the anomalous material.
The anomalous matter works on the principle that the extrauniversal antimatter has different properties than mainline antimatter.

The wormhole is consistent with readings of the area, detecting a gravitational anomaly in the machine. Furthermore, probing of the machine via the tap has found so far, an extremely complex topography caused by the extradimensional energy's contradictions.

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